Blacksmiths Beach

Swim at Family-Friendly Blacksmiths Beach

Take your kids for a swim at Blacksmiths Beach. It’s at the southern end of Nine Mile Beach in Lake Macquarie and considered the most family-friendly section of the nine miles.

Bogey Hole

Swim in The Historical Bogey Hole

Go for a swim at The Bogey Hole. This much loved swimming hole below King Edward Park in Newcastle is a great place to cool off and steep yourself in local history.

Enjoy a Swim in Lake Macquarie at Belmont Baths

Go for a dip in the Belmont Baths at Lake Macquarie. The new swimming enclosure consists of a shark-netted swimming area and a jetty that’s fun to jump off. There’s plenty of room for everyone including those with inflatables.

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