Why the Canoe Pool is Perfect for Families With Little Ones

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For families with little ones, a visit to the Canoe Pool in Newcastle is a must on a warm day. The pool is also known as the Map Pool or Mariners Pool for reasons explained further down in this article.

Located next to Newcastle Ocean Baths, the Canoe Pool is a favourite with local families.

It’s a shallow wading pool that’s perfect for splashing, swimming, surfing and building sandcastles.

The water levels in the pool depend on the amount of sand that’s been washed in or washed away from the pool. Just watch out for oyster shells on the concrete edges of the pool.

Be sure to bring your sun shelter so you can stay an extra long time at this pool. On busy summer days, the sand at the Canoe Pool resembles a village of sun shelters!

It’s also the location of an urban myth. It’s rumoured that in the sand is a concrete map of the world. Thus why this pool is also referred to as the Map Pool and Young Mariners’ Pool. We know for certain that the pool complete with concrete map was opened in 1937 to much fanfare but unfortunately it’s no longer there. The pool was removed by Newcastle City Council decades ago due to public health issues relating to the murky pool water).


Patrolled: No
Toilets & Showers: Yes
Shade: Bring your own sunshelter. On hot days, there’s entire camps of sun tents.
Parking: Free carparking area (4 hours) in parking lot besides ocean baths. However, it does fill up quickly so grab a parking spot on Shortland Avenue.
Picnic Area: Shaded undercover tables
Kiosk: Yes at Newcastle Ocean Baths
Disabled Accessibility: Yes, concrete ramp down to Canoe Pool for beach wheelchairs
Nearest Playground: Foreshore Park is located 500 metres away from Nobbys Beach so you’ll need to walk around to it.

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