Hi I’m Reena

I believe that life is an adventure and you should never stop exploring. I write at Newy with Kids (formerly The Mummy Project) because I love sharing my knowledge of local activities, attractions, events. Is it crazy to get excited about a new playground or kid-friendly cafe?

I started The Mummy Project in late 2012 as an excuse to get out of my house and gallivant around Newcastle & the Hunter “researching” kid-friendly attractions, activities and events with my toddler in my spare time. (In those early years, it felt like Groundhog Day!) The toddler is now a 8 year old bundle of energy who loves nothing better than to wear inventive clothing combinations as an antidote for her “boring”school uniform. Sometimes hubby tags along on our adventures as well.

Once I was a full-time data analyst. Now I analyse carpet stains to identify their origins. I balance my work on Newy with Kids with my freelance social media consulting and copywriting company. In my mind, if it’s online, it’s all good.

If you’re looking for a uber-organised and stylish mum blog you’ve come to the wrong place. Having survived sleep deprivation, the Terrible Twos, Wiggles songs on repeat and Frozen marathons and now deep in the school years, I’ve realised one thing – this parenting gig is hard work and at times not pretty at all. Forget about making parenthood perfect. Just concentrate on getting through!

My plan for Newy with Kids? World domination. Oops, didn’t use internal voice. No, seriously, my plan for Newy with Kids is simple. I just want Newy with Kids to provide useful information to mums and dads raising children in Newcastle & the Hunter. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by the information on my blog and my reviews about events, activities and attractions to plan excursions with your family and access useful services and programs around the region.

To know more about me, here’s a Q&A featuring questions from my readers. Like many mums, I juggle the responsibilities of work and family but try to find time for the important things in life such as being happy, healthy and enjoying time with my family and friends. Oh and scoffing down alcohol and chocolate when required!

Reena x

P.S. I would love to hear from you. Comments, questions and suggestions are all very welcome.

Photo by my talented friend Cleo at Photography By Cleo. By the way, I don’t normally look like this. This is after hours of hair, makeup and some judicious airbrushing.