Unplug from your devices and spend some family time together playing board games. Here’s a collection of board games that you and kids might like. If your kids are preschoolers or in their teens, there’s a game to suit. The list includes some retro classics as well as some of the hottest games. Bonus: Some of these fun board games even have educational benefits. Just don’t tell your kids that. Just tell them it’s unplugged play, family style. Here are some of our recommendations:


It’s a classic game of real estate wheeling and dealing. Best of all, Monopoly teaches your kids about property, budgeting, rent and taxes. Great way to get kids to practice their math skills without them realising. For younger kids who might not be able to sit through an entire game of Monopoly, try Monopoly Jr. There’s also loads of different versions of Monopoly including the brand new Newcastle Monopoly game which features local landmarks. Ages 8+. RRP $39.99 for Monopoly. Newcastle Monopoly RRP $59.95.

Monopoly - Best Family Board Games for Game Night


Expand your kids’ vocabulary and get them playing Scrabble. In this classic game, players choose seven letter tiles and then try to form a word. Great way to get kids spelling. Also, it tests out their math skills especially when adding the tile numbers and multiplying for triple word scores. Just remember to have a dictionary handy to verify words. For younger kids aged 5 – 7, play Scrabble Junior. Double-sided, one side features picture clues to help young spellers. Ages 8+. RRP $34.50


Similar to Scrabble is Upwords, a 3D word-building game. In this game, you choose letter tiles and make words but you can build upwards. It’s a clever strategy which can make it easier for kids to spell words. Ages 8+. RRP $29.99

5 Second Rule

Think you’re good at quick thinking and fast talking. Try playing the 5 Second Rule. This fun game involves naming three things in less than 5 seconds. It’s a fun game that will keep your brain cells buzzing. Answer questions like “Name 3 International Airports”, “Name 3 Planets” or “Name 3 U.S. Presidents” This board game is suitable for ages 8+. For families with younger kids, try 5 Second Rule Jr which has easier questions for kids and shorter games. For over 18s, there’s 5 Second Rule Uncensored. RRP $29.99. Read the Newy with Kids review.

5 Second Rule - Best Board Games to Play on Family Game Night


You soon learn who can draw in Pictionary. It’s a game where one player sketches out the clue while teammates try to guess what it is. Hilarious especially when the drawing isn’t that easy to understand. There’s card for both adults and young players so it’s versatile for a family / adult game. Suitable for ages 8+. RRP $29.99

Pictionary - Best Family Board Games for Game Night


Get your family playing Cluedo, a classic murder mystery game. It’s a fantastic game to teach deduction as it involves eliminating suspects, weapons and locations. Maybe it’s the opportunity to announce  “It was Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick” but it still provides plenty of entertainment for the entire family. You can play the game with 2 to 6 players but it’s definitely more fun with more players. Suitable for ages 8+. RRP $39.99

Cluedo - Best Family Board Games for Game Night

Stupid Deaths

If your family’s a fan of twisted humour, the Stupid Deaths board game is for you. In this game, players have to guess whether a stupid death is real or made up. You vote True or False using your coffin cards. If you’re wrong, the Grim Reaper moves closer to you and eventually you die (or at least you’re out of the game). It’s a super funny game and you won’t believe how some people die. The game states that it’s for kids 12+. However,  if your kids are able to deal with mature subjects, you could play it with kids 9 and older. RRP $34.99. Read the Newy with Kids review.

Stupid Deaths - Best Family Board Games for Game Night


Encourage hand-eye coordination and get your kids playing Operation. This timeless game involves “operating” on a patient and removing ailments out of his body with a tweezer. But watch out, if you accidentally touch the side, the buzzer will sound and the patient’s nose will light up. This game has been updated and now includes pieces like headphone headache and gamer’s thumb. Ages 4+. RRP $39.99

Operation - Best Family Board Games for Game Night

Smart Ass

Yell out your answer in the Smart Ass board game! That’s the point of this trivia game. One player reads a series of clues that get increasingly easier and the other players try to be the first to guess the correct answer. It’s a fun game, with amusing ass references on the board. Players get to throw the dice to choose a category. They include Who Am I? Where am I? What am I? and Hard Ass! There’s also expansion packs such as 90s Nostalgia and Geek Chic. Want an example of a question? Yell out the answer when you’ve figured it out. “I am a musician. I am a child of destiny. I think when life gives you lemons, make Lemonade. My daughter is Blue sometimes. I am the first woman to win six Grammys in one night. My fans sometimes call themselves the Beehive. I am sometime Sasha Fierce, sometime the Queen. Who am I? with the initial B?” Guess Beyonce? You’re right. Ages 12+. RRP $39.99. Read the Newy with Kids review.

Smart Ass - Best Board Games to Play on Family Game Night

Bubble Talk

If your family loves memes, you are going to love the board game Bubble Talk. It’s a super fun game that you can play with your friends and family. The game is played when a judge selects a picture card followed by players choosing the funniest caption that best suits the photo. Funny games – full of lots of laughs as some of the picture card and caption combinations can be hilarious. Ages 8+. RRP $39.99. Read the Newy with Kids review.

Bubble Talk - Best Board Games to Play on Family Game Night


Some might argue that Twister isn’t a board game and technically it’s not. But think of the players as the board pieces. Spin the wheel and see what body part you need to move to a colour on the floor mat. You’ll be twisted up in no time with other players. Remember the last player standing wins. Recommended for kids birthday parties. Ages 6+. RRP $39.99.

Twister - Best Family Board Games for Game Night


To develop strategy and hand-eye coordination skills, play Jenga. This game requires a steady hand, a strategic approach and some luck. 54 wooden blocks get stacked in a tower and then players take turns pulling out a block and then stacking it on top. Sounds easy but when there’s the blocks on top or below the block you’re trying to remove, it can be a challenge. The game finishes when the tower collapses. Ages 6+. RRP $26.99.

Jenga - Best Board Games to Play on Family Game Night

Hedbanz for Kids

You can’t go wrong with family games that involve headbands and “Yes” and “No” questions. This is Hedbanz for Kids, the game where a player puts on a headband with a card that lists what they are. Everyone else can see the card but not them. They then have to ask “Yes” or “No” questions to figure out what they are before time runs out. Great game to get kids to develop their deductive reasoning skills. Ages 6+. RRP $29.99.

Hedbanz for Kids

Trivial Pursuit (Family Edition)

If trivia’s your thing, then play the Family Edition of Trivial Pursuit. The game is still true to its roots. It still involves moving around a board and answering questions in six categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sports and Leisure.  However, in this edition, it’s a smaller board so it doesn’t go on forever like the original game. Also, there are specific Adult and Kids questions making it fairer for younger players. Ages 6+. RRP $44.99

Game of Life - Best Family Board Games for Game Night

The Game of Life

Teach kids some life lessons in The Game of Life board game. As they progress around the board going from Start to Retirement, there’s all kinds of milestones to achieve including getting a job, getting married, having kids. The winner is the player with the most money at the end of the game, much like in real life! Ages 8+. RRP $39.99. There’s also Game of Life Junior for kids aged 5+. Similar to the original version but has more kid-friendly adventures. RRP $39.99

Game of Life - Best Family Board Games for Game Night

Newy with Kids Recommendations

Best games for educational value

  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Smart Ass

Best games for a laugh

  • Bubble Talk
  • Stupid Deaths
  • Pictionary
  • Twister

Best for families with young kids 4 – 7

  • Operation
  • 5 Second Rule Jr
  • Twister
  • Hedbanz
  • Monopoly Jr
  • Jenga
  • Game of Life Junior

Got any other recommendations for family game night? Email Newy with Kids with your suggestions.

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