Yell Out an Answer in the Smart Ass Board Game

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Think you’re a Smart Ass? Play the Smart Ass board game and really prove to your family and friends that you really are.

Unlike other trivia games, this one encourages you to yell out answers as another player reads a series of clues. No more boring waiting until it’s your turn.

Smart Ass board game

This is such a fun game to play starting with the board which includes amusing ass references which are penalty (Dumb Ass and Kick Ass) and extra question (Hard Ass) spaces.

There’s also donkey themed playing pieces so you can choose what colour donkey you want to be in the game. You get extra points if you bray like an ass. Okay I totally made that up but it’s still fun to do,

Players get to throw the dice to choose a category.

They include:

  • Who Am I? This category makes you guess who a person is
  • Where am I? This category makes you guess a country or geographic landmark
  • What am I? This category makes you guess a thing
  • Hard Ass!  This category includes general trivia questions.
Smart Ass

There’s also expansion packs available such as 90s Nostalgia and Geek Chic if you want to add it to the game.

Want an example of a question? Yell out the answer when you’ve figured it out. “I am beautiful. My ocean host thinks I am irritating. I am an old-fashioned female name. I am usually round or roundish. Humans often wear me around their necks. I can be natural or cultured. Oysters are typically important to my growth. What am I, with the initial P?”  Guess pearl? You’re right.

The criteria on the game states that it’s for kids aged 12 and over but we found some of the questions could be answered by kids 9 and up. It would be great to see a family version of Smart Ass.

For more information about Smart Ass, visit the U.Games website. RRP $39.99

Disclosure: Newy with Kids received a copy of Smart Ass for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

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