Discover Beautiful Naru Beach in Lake Macquarie

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Have you heard of Naru Beach? This beach located on the shores of Lake Macquarie is a gorgeous spot. It’s a small beach reserve at Marks Point located at the end of a dirt road and is a well-kept local secret.

Naru Beach Lake Macquarie

It’s a flat beach area with crystal-clear water and amazing views of Lake Macquarie. It’s a popular spot for families who appreciate the stunning views and kid-friendly swimming areas.

Naru Beach Lake Macquarie

The northern side of the point that faces Swan Bay features a shallow swimming area that’s ideal for kids.

Naru Beach Lake Macquarie

Just don’t let them go too far out as there is a strong current as you approach the deeper areas. We saw lots of families with boogie boards, pool noodles, inflatables, kayaks and stand up paddleboards enjoying the water.

Naru Beach Lake Macquarie

It’s heavenly just floating in the shallow water.

Please note there have been sightings of the blue-ringed octopus spotted at Naru Beach so supervise your kids and make sure you steer clear.

Naru Beach Lake Macquarie

You’ll also see families on the western side of the point but beware you can get wash from passing boats and jet skis.

Naru Beach Lake Macquarie

There are small islands just off Naru Beach which can be explored if you have a boat or kayak. From where we were at Naru, we could look across and see families on the islands.

Naru Beach Lake Macquarie

If you like soft sandy beach, note that the sand has a lot of shells so it can be a bit rough on feet, especially little ones.

Naru Beach Lake Macquarie

On the day that we visited it was busy but yet there was still plenty of space to roll out the towel and set up a beach umbrella.

There are trees that provide shade but recommend bringing beach shelters and umbrellas to get some shade. Visiting outside of school holidays and during the weekdays is a good idea if you want a quieter experience.

Note that there are no amenities here so visit a toilet before you get here. The other thing to be aware of is that there is noise from the nearby airport, the Lake Macquarie Aerodome. We heard helicopters taking off and landing.

Naru Beach Lake Macquarie

To access the beach reserve, you’ll need to travel 1 kilometre down a bumpy dirt road through the trees. The road is narrow so beware of cars approaching from the opposite direction. On busy days, the car park can fill quickly and you might need to park a few hundred metres down the road from the car park.

Address: Naru Street, Marks Point
Toilets: No public toilet or shower. Nearest public toilet is in Marks Point in Baxter Field
Water Fountain: No
Picnic Facilities: None
Boat Ramp:
Marks Point Boat Ramp is located here.
Café Nearby:
Head to Marks Point or Belmont to pick up some takeaway.

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Prefer a lakeside beach with amenities? Head to Pelican Beach.

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