Pelican Foreshore Park: A Great Playground & Swimming Spot

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If your family feels like a play in a playground and a swim at a gentle lakeside beach on Lake Macquarie, visit Pelican Foreshore Park.

Pelican Park

It features a fully-fenced playground with play equipment catering to a range of ages.

Pelican Park Lake Macquarie

There’s a wobbly, small slide and climbing wall for young kids while older kids can indulge their inner monkey with numerous climbing equipment.

Pelican Park

There are four swings including a toddler swing so you don’t have to wait long for a turn.

Pelican Park Lake Macquarie

With BBQs, toilets, a covered rotunda and plenty of picnic tables, it’s a great relaxed spot to meet friends or host a birthday party. (There were a few parties when we visited).

Pelican Park Lake Macquarie
Pelican Park Lake Macquarie

There’s also lovely views of Lake Macquarie from the park.

Pelican Park Beach

If kids need a break from the playground, walk down to the beach and check out the water. On warm days, it’s a beautiful spot to have a dip or build sandcastles. Keep an eye out for the antics of the numerous pelicans who call this place home and who this area is named after.

Pelican Beach Lake Macquarie

Please note that Lake Macquarie Council advises that the current can get quite strong coming from the edge of Swansea channel and the beach can drop off suddenly in parts, so its best the kids are supervised at all times. Also, a reader advised there have been some blue-ringed octopuses spotted in the area as well as near Croudace Bay boat ramp. One man was stung last year near Marks Point and it was almost fatal.

According to the Australian Institute of Marine Science, this marine creature is highly venomous and will only bite if they are being harassed and poked. They camouflage very well and mostly hide during the day under rocks and weedy areas. Please be extra careful with children and make sure they’re aware that not all marine life can be handled/touched.

Pelican Beach Lake Macquarie

Address: Lakeview Parade in the lakeside suburb of Pelican located south of Belmont.
Toilets: Toilets are nearby
Water Fountain: Yes
Picnic Facilities: Covered picnic shelter in the playground and some around the park.
BBQ: Yes located outside fenced playground.
Boat Ramp:
Located in Pelican Park.
Café Nearby:
Pelican RSL is nearby

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