The Bogey Hole has reopened in Newcastle just in time for the summer holidays. This much-loved swimming hole had been closed since November 2015 due to safety issues with the cliff face.

Constructed in 1819 to 1820, the Bogey Hole is a favourite with tourists and locals alike. The Bogey Hole was built by convict labour by order of Commandant Morisset who served as Commandant of Newcastle from 1819 to 1822.It was originally known as “Commandants Baths”. The name “Bogey Hole” was adopted later and originates from indigenous word meaning “to bathe”.

It’s still a popular bathing spot today with many people there on hot summer days. It’s best for families with older kids as the rocks can be slippery and watch out for the waves.

We visited on a day where it seemed relatively calm. A few minutes later a series of waves crashed over the pool drenching towels, clothes and phones.

Best to tie bags to the stairs railing or make sure everything is in waterproof bags.

The Bogey Hole is located on the lower part of King Edward Park on York Drive in Newcastle.