Parks & Playgrounds with Shade in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter

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If you’re looking for a park or playground in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter with plenty of shade on a hot, sunny day check out our list. Some have extra tree coverage, others have shade provided by shade sails and some have both. Is there any we’ve missed? Let us know so that we can add them.

Newcastle Area

Centennial Park

The beautiful large Norfolk Pines and Fig Trees in Centennial Park, Cooks Hill provide the playground area with plenty of shade. It’s also a lovely spot to throw out a picnic rug, either on the grass or under the rotunda. Read more about Centennial Park.

Gregson Park

Located in Hamilton, the expansive grassed areas of Gregson park receive plenty of shade from many large Fig Trees and Palm Trees. The trees also provide shade to the playground area. Read more about Gregson Park.

Honeysuckle Park

The fun pirate-themed playground at Honeysuckle is shaded by three large shade sails. There’s also a large undercover BBQ area with picnic tables. It’s a nice shady spot to stop, rest and let the kids play during a stroll along the foreshore. Read more about Honeysuckle Park.

Jesmond Park

Newcastle shady playground

The two playgrounds at Jesmond Park are set amongst many tall, large trees creating a shady and peaceful bushland setting. You’ll also find a half-basketball court, a disc (frisbee) golf course and plenty of walking tracks and paths. Read more about Jesmond Park.

King Edward Park

While the playground itself at King Edward Park doesn’t have shade sails, it does receive a small amount of shade from the trees in the park. The park area receives plenty of shade from the big, old trees surrounding it and is the perfect spot for a picnic or a playdate. Read more about King Edward Park.

Lambton Park

Newcastle shade playground

There are plenty of trees at Lambton Park, including some large Fig Trees which shade the park beautifully. The trees also provide a good amount of shade to the toddler/preschool play area. Read more about Lambton Park.

Richley Reserve (Blackbutt Reserve)

The adventure playground located at Blackbutt Reserve has large shade sails over some of the play equipment and also receives shade from the surrounding trees. There are also undercover BBQ areas and picnic tables. Read more about Richley Reserve.

Lake Macquarie Area

Baxter Park Playground

Located at Nords Wharf, on the shores of Lake Macquarie, the playground at Baxter Park is well shaded by the many large trees surrounding it. There are also BBQ’s, picnic tables and amenities nearby.

Chapman Oval Playground

The large trees surrounding this playground, located next to Chapman Oval and near the Swansea Channel, make it one of the more shaded playgrounds in the Lake Macquarie area. The equipment is best suited to kids 5+.

Forest Hill Reserve Playground

With equipment suited to toddlers/preschoolers and an undercover picnic table, this small playground in Garden Suburb is beautifully shaded by the surrounding trees and is a nice, quiet place for a picnic.

Jewells Parade Reserve Playground

Located in a shaded reserve at Jewells, this small playground includes swings, a park bench and shaded grassed areas to throw out a picnic rug.

Neegulbah Park

Lake Macquarie shade playground

There are plenty of mature trees surrounding Neegulbah Park at Macquarie Hills, providing shade to the playground area. There’s only one picnic table though, so pack a picnic rug to spread out on the ground under the shade of the trees. Read more about Neegulbah Park.

Taylor Park Complex Playground

With equipment to suit all ages, this playground in Barnsley is well-shaded by the many tall trees surrounding it.

Maitland/Hunter Area

Bridges Hill Playground Cessnock

Bridges Hill Park Playground

This large playground located at Cessnock is set amongst a forest of trees, creating plenty of shaded areas. Many parts of the playground area are shaded by shade sails as well and there’s also covered picnic areas. Read more about Bridges Hill Park Playground.

Maitland Park All Abilities Playground

The big, old, beautiful trees are one of the many great features of Maitland Park. The fenced, all abilities playground is dotted with trees and the toddler section has a large shade sail overhead. Outside the playground there are plenty of shady spots to eat, either in the shade of one of the many trees or at one of the undercover picnic tables. Even the car park is shaded, so you won’t have to climb back in to a hot car on summer’s day. Read more about Maitland Park Playground.

Raworth Park

Raworth Park is a large, fenced playground and the toddler/preschool climbing equipment is positioned under a huge shade sail. There is also an undercover picnic table and BBQ area. Read more about Raworth Park.

Rose Point Park

Rose Point Park, located at Singleton, has lots of big trees scattered throughout, providing shade to many parts of the playground. There are also shaded benches plus undercover BBQ’s and picnic tables. Read more about Rose Point Park.

Port Stephens Area

Bower Reserve Playground

This large playground located in the Bower Reserve at Medowie has plenty of shade provided by the tall gum trees dotted throughout. There’s also a half basketball court, fitness area and four large, undercover picnic areas. Read more about Bower Reserve Playground.

Fern Bay Reserve Playground

This great, fenced playground includes something for all ages and is well shaded by large shade sails. There is also an undercover picnic table and BBQ. Read more about Fern Bay Reserve Playground.

Finnan Park

While the small playground itself isn’t shaded, there are plenty of shady spots in Finnan Park to sit and have a picnic. Either throw out a picnic rug under the shade of one of the many big, old trees or eat at one of the undercover picnic areas.

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