Visit Rose Point Park in Singleton: A Fantastic Regional Playground

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Impressive is the word that comes to mind visiting Singleton’s Rose Point Park. It’s definitely worth the drive to get there or if you’re driving past on New England Highway or Golden Highway, stop for a break here. This regional playground is packed with play equipment for kids of all ages and abilities.

Located in parkland near the Hunter River, this large playground is fully-fenced and has lots of shade with mature trees within the playground. There is a mixture of softfall flooring and bark chips throughout the playground. The park is full of playground equipment catering to kids of all ages.

If your kids love a good swing, head first to the dedicated swing area.

rose point park singleton

It contain four baby swings, four regular swings and two group swings.

rose point park singleton

Near the front entrance of the park, you’ll find a colourful play complex. With gentle ramps, climbing nets and small slides, it’s great for little ones. 

rose point park singleton
rose point park singleton

There are lots of things to keep their interest including X and O game, balancing bridge and trampolines.

rose point park singleton

The in-ground trampolines are awesome for kids to jump around in.

rose point park singleton

In this area is a carousel. Popular with kids, it’s also designed to accommodate up to three wheelchairs. We love the fact that it’s flush with the ground making it easier for kids to push themselves without falling off.

rose point park singleton

Nearby is the rockers and spinner area where kids can choose a variety of different play equipment to spin and rock on. They can also have some time out in the blue cocoon if it’s a bit overwhelming on a busy day.

rose point park singleton

An innovative feature that we haven’t seen before is the NEOS 360 play area.

rose point park singleton NEOS

Part electronic game, part competitive sport, this game lets one or two players choose from a variety of different games. It’s a really cool idea to combine video games with aerobic exercise and set it outdoors.

We played Firefighter mode which required us to tap flashing buttons on different poles. It’s not just fun and games though. The NEOS 360 aims to get kids moving and build peripheral vision, auditory and spatial awareness skills.

As the playground is all-inclusive, you’ll find various accessible equipment including the Liberty Swing and the accessible carousel.

rose point park singleton all abilities

As Rose Point Park was built in stages, you’ll find differing parts. Some parts of the playground feature softfall while others have bark chips.

rose point park singleton

This particular play equipment features crocodiles lurking in the bark chips!

rose point park singleton
rose point park singleton

For kids who love testing their coordination, let them loose in the balance area which includes balance beams, rope bridge, wobbly bridge and a small climbing wall.

rose point park singleton

Venture to the back of the playground and you’ll find the rocket ship.

rose point park singleton

This brightly coloured equipment features a large slide and fireman’s pole as well as rock walls, ropes and nets.

rose point park singleton

Have a go on the flying fox. As well as the usual flying fox seat, there is also an all-abilities seat that you can strap kids in.

rose point park singleton

Since you might be here for a while, bring a picnic blanket or try to nab a bench or covered picnic shelter.

rose point park singleton

There are lots of different zones in this playground. If it’s too busy and/or your children get overwhelmed, head to a quieter area of the park. There is also a sensory garden in which you can relax and enjoy.

rose point park singleton

From the ample seating in the park to the brightly coloured bubblers at different heights, it’s clear that much thought has gone into this playground. It’s a great spot for families as there’s much to do and enjoy! On the day we visited, we noticed a wide range of people enjoying the park from mothers groups, school groups and even a 90th birthday celebration.

There’s more to do outside the playground as well. If kids get tired of the playground, there are sports fields adjacent to the park as well as a walking track near the river. If you have bikes, you can cycle along the shared path near Ryan Avenue.

Good to Know

Address: Rose Point Park, Rose Point Drive, NSW. It’s about 45 minutes from the park until the end of the highway near Pacific Highway junction driving the A15/M15.

Ideal Age: All ages

Public Toilets: Yes including accessible toilets

Water Fountain: Yes.

Picnic Facilities: Covered picnic shelters. If you didn’t bring food with you, Woolworths and Coles are across the street at Singleton Plaza.

BBQ: Yes.

Parking: Plenty of parking including designated accessible parking bays

Nearby Cafe: Pick up a coffee or snacks across the street at Singleton Plaza

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