So Much Fun to Be Had at Lambton Park Playground

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Lambton Park is a favourite with families especially the playground. On most weekends, the park popular place for sports, birthday parties and picnics.  This is a great spot for mothers’ groups to meet. (My mothers’ group used to meet here and we would spread blankets out under shady fig trees and let babies roam around).

It offers a range of play equipment from toddlers to school-aged kids.

There’s equipment specifically for little ones including a slide, activity panels and a xylophone.

This complements the rockers, a roundabout, a small play house and a baby swing for preschoolers.

The other playground equipment, the large climbing structure is best suited to older children. Although it features a slide, kids need to climb up to the top to slide down. Watch the slide in the summer heat though as it can get really hot!

Lambton Park

A popular feature in summer is the water play equipment. Be sure to pack an extra set of clothes as kids will get wet and extremely sandy but they’ll have so much fun.

Check out the historic rotunda while you’re visiting Lambton Park. It’s a lovely place to spread out a blanket and relax especially on a hot day. Older kids will love riding their bikes or scooters around the rotunda or just chasing each other around the expansive lawns around the rotunda.

From the rotunda, you’ll notice walking tracks around the park. It’s now possible to walk all the way from Lambton Park past Lambton Pool to Elder Street. The walking paths along Howe Street are especially pleasant as they are flanked by large shady trees. The wide paths make it easy to push a stroller or accompany kids on scooters and bikes.

Address: Howe Street,Lambton,NSW
Public Toilets: Yes
Water Fountain: Yes
Picnic Facilities: Plenty of picnic tables
 and benches including a covered picnic table and BBQ.
BBQ: Yes
Café Nearby: Yes

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