Lambton Pool: Cool Off, Swim & Play

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With the summer heat that we experience here in Newcastle, we are always looking for ways to entertain while keeping the heat at bay. Lambton Pool and Aquatic Playground take care of both the heat and the fun.

Lambton Pool Water Play

The aquatic playground includes a fantastic play structure, large tipping bucket, water jets, concrete splash pad and water slides all in one contained space.

Lambton Pool Aquatic Playground

Every few minutes, a giant bucket situated on top of the play structure fills up with water and tips over, splashing anyone in proximity.

Lambton Pool Aquatic Playground

If you’ve ever been to the centre, you will know exactly when this happens without even looking, as the giant splash is followed by a chorus of children screaming and laughing as they are splashed wet. It’s a good laugh and so fun for the kids!

Lambton Pool Aquatic Playground

The playground is surrounded with grass and plenty of shading trees, so we tend to take a picnic rug and find a cosy spot in between the pools and the playground.

Not only is Lambton pools great for the playground but boasts swimming pools each appealing to a specific level of swimmer.

Starting with a shaded toddler pool, shared at times with some local Lambton ducks, toddlers love to splash about the heated, ankle-deep water.

Lambton Swimming Pool

Directly next to it, the learner pool is partially shaded, and about waist deep (for the average adult). Deep enough for mums and dads to join in with nervous or beginner swimmers! My daughter loves this pool and spends a fair amount of time swimming between the shaded areas and the sunny spots, and it is a fantastic pool for practising basic swimming skills.

Lambton Pool

For the more skilled and mature swimmers, you can find two diving pools to the left of the centre, complete with swim lanes.

Lambton Pool Waterslide

Now a swim centre with an aquatic playground wouldn’t be complete without a giant, twirling water slide now will it? Willing participants climb stairs to ride the 100m water slide in an inflatable tube. It’s a complete thrill and children brave the tall climb up to the top, several times in a row to enjoy the slide down to the bottom! Note, separate wrist bands are purchased upon entry to the pool to access the waterslide.

Lambton Pool

The are many food options at the centre. If you haven’t packed a picnic basket, you have the choice of two kiosks when it comes to food. Options vary from coffee and muffins to hot chips and frozen slurpies. Ice creams and snacks are plenty! You also have the option of using one of the BBQs out on the grassed, shaded areas, which is fantastic should you want to barbecue some sausages for the family!

Looking at the basic facilities, when the day is done and the little ones are cold from all the swimming, I’m happy to report that the pools have heated showers and good change facilities. Lambton Pool also has great off-street parking right at the centre.

Lambton Pool

Entry charges to the centre do apply, and seasonal passes are available for the more frequent visitors.

Lambton Pool

We do love a good afternoon at Lambton Pools, it’s become a great source of fun and respite from the Australian heat, especially on a Sunday afternoon, nothing refreshes better than a dip in the local pool!

For more information, visit the Lambton Pool website or read our article about Newcastle Pools reopening for the season.

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