Take Your Kids and Dogs to Raworth Park

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If you’re looking for a place to take both your human children and your fur-babies, Raworth Park, located at Raworth (between East Maitland and Morpeth) on Morpeth Road is ideal.

Raworth Park is a shaded and fully-fenced kids playground located right next to Raworth Dog Off-Leash area.

We visited mid-week, and there was ample parking space in the adjacent car park. However, I assume it gets busy here on weekends when the weather is nice. The toilets, located close to the park, are clean and include a disabled toilet and a baby change table.

Raworth Park East Maitland

Being fully-fenced makes Raworth Park ideal for babies and toddlers. My three year old loved the pretend playhouse, with its small window and climb-through tunnel.

Raworth Park East Maitland
Raworth Park East Maitland

The playground is wonderfully shaded and is suited to toddlers and small children. It includes a fort, two slides, a climbing wall and lots of ropes and nets to climb on.

Raworth Park East Maitland

This area has a large soft fall surface, ticking the box again for smaller kids.

Raworth Park East Maitland

Older kids will love the spider web swing and the flying foxes (there are two). These areas have woodchip underfoot.

Raworth Park East Maitland1

Weaving the play areas together is a winding, concrete path, ideal for scooters. There is also a water fountain.

Raworth Park East Maitland1

There is an undercover eating area located just outside the fenced playground with two, free gas barbecues and a picnic table. The only downside to Raworth Park, if there is one, is that there is only one, albeit large, picnic table. If you’re considering a picnic lunch here be sure to bring a picnic blanket with you just in case the table has already been taken.

Raworth Park East Maitland

Behind the park is a small, grassed hill which I’m sure kids would love running up and down (with supervision, as it is outside the fenced area).

Raworth Park has been very well-designed. I love that the off-leash area is right next door.

Raworth Dog Park East Maitland

The off-leash area is fully-fenced as well and, with plenty of space to run, an undercover rest area, accessible water and dog agility obstacles, it is the perfect place to take your four-legged friend along for a day out.

Dogs are not allowed in the kids park, but the kids will love to stand at the fence and watch the dogs run around and play.

Raworth Park East Maitland1

If your child has not been around dogs much, bringing them to this park would be a great way to introduce the two in a safe and relaxed environment (assuming that there are dogs in the dog park at the time).

Raworth Park and Raworth Dog Off-Leash Area are approximately 35 – 45 minute drive from Newcastle (depending on traffic and your starting point). If that seems a little too far to drive to a park, why not combine your trip with a visit to Morpeth located a short drive away.

Good to Know

Address: Morpeth Road, Raworth

Ideal age: Toddlers, Preschoolers, Young school age kids

Public Toilets: Yes, including disabled toilet and baby change table

Water Fountain: Yes

Picnic Facilities: 1 x covered picnic table

BBQ: Yes

Nearby Cafés: Lots to choose from at Morpeth, a 5 min drive away.

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