The Best 20 Lake Macquarie LGA Walks To Do With Kids

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Experience the beautiful scenery in Lake Macquarie and go for a walk with your kids. We’ve put together a collection of our favourite family walks in Lake Mac. Explore historical and cultural sites, experience nature or enjoy stunning views of the lake and beaches.

We’ve chosen a variety of Lake Macquarie family walks to suit a variety of ages and family members. Whether you’re looking a stroller-friendly walking track around Lake Macquarie, a flat walk for your toddler or preschooler or a more challenging Lake Macquarie bush walk or nature hike for school-aged kids, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our list of 20 Lake Macquarie walks to enjoy. We’ve put together a description plus a link for more detailed information including length of walk, car park facilities, amenities and more plus a handy regional map to locate the walk.

Warners Bay Sculpture Walk

Lake Macquarie walks

Enjoy Lake Macquarie views and a variety of art sculptures in a 2-kilometre walk from Eleebana Boat Ramp to Warners Bay foreshore, part of the Creative LAKE Sculpture Trail. It’s our own permanent version of Sculpture by the Sea and one that both kids and adults will enjoy. Get up close to the sculptures and appreciate the craftsmanship. The sculptures are created by nationally and internationally renowned artists. Among others, the works include a flying pig, an oversized Buddhist monk-child and a mauve bust of Charles Darwin. A highlight of this walk is Red Bluff Boardwalk, a 380 metre-long elevated boardwalk over the lake at Eleebana.

For more information, read our guide to the Warners Bay Sculpture Walk.

Fernleigh Track

lake mac family walks

A former rail line with a tunnel, the 15 kilometre Fernleigh Track is a popular walking & cycling path connecting Lake Macquarie & Newcastle. It has multiple entry and exit points, which means you can tackle as little or as much as you like – from a quick stroll to a half-day adventure. The track is well maintained, with gentle slopes and wide pathways, so it’s ideal for all fitness levels. The trail is dotted with points of interest to keep even the most reluctant walkers interested, including natural and historical information, shady benches and even outdoor fitness equipment.

For more information, read our guide to the Fernleigh Track.

Yuerlarbah Walk at Glenrock Lagoon

lake macquarie family walks

Part of the Great North Walk, the Yuelarbah Walk in Glenrock State Conservation Area takes you along bridges, past waterfalls and through beautiful rainforest to Glenrock Lagoon. At just under 3.4 kilometres each way, this bush walk is perfect for kids and those with varying levels of fitness (as there are some steep parts). Definitely recommended for families with children aged 4 and up, the Yuelarbah Walk is a great way to spend a couple of hours, get out into nature and grab some Insta-worthy snaps. A highlight is the halfway point at Leichhardt’s Lookout. Here you’ll enjoy amazing uninterrupted views of Glenrock Lagoon out to the ocean and read up on the colonial history of the area. The area was originally a coal mine, Burwood Colliery and the remains of the 1860s mine and the railway line can be seen in the area.

For more information, read our guide to the Yuerlarbah Walk.

Awabakal Walk

Lake Macquarie bushwalks

Take your family on the 5km Awabakal Walk. It features spectacular views and adventuresome trails in the Awabakal Nature Reserve between Dudley and Redhead. Most of the trails are clear but there are a few that are overgrown. However, that just adds to the fun and adventure when you’re walking with kids. (If you like wildflowers, do the walk between July and October as there are beautiful in-season flowers). Do a side trip off the main path to see Redhead Lagoon.

For more information, read our guide to the Awabakal Walk.

Ken & Audrey Owens Walk

lake macquarie beach walk

If you’re looking for a flat, family-friendly coastal walk, head down to Redhead in the Lake Macquarie area to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Ken and Audrey Owens walkway. The walk includes a network of paths alongside Redhead Beach, through coastal vegetation and wetlands. Plus, it starts at a fun beachside playground Webb Park and ends at an access point at Redhead Beach. The main section of the walk from Webb Park Playground to the duckpond is about 2.5km return. If this is a bit far for little legs, you could just do a section of the walk from either end.

For more information, read our guide to the Ken & Audrey Owens Walk

Belmont Lagoon Walk

Lake Macquarie Family Walk

Nature, culture, history. The Belmont Lagoon Reserve Walk in Lake Macquarie has it all as well as being an interesting 4.3km family walk around the lagoon. Connected to Lake Macquarie via Cold Tea Creek, Belmont Lagoon sits halfway between the lake and ocean and is great to explore with kids. It also has cultural significance to Indigenous Australians as it is located at the end of a song line, or dreaming track. To the Awabakal people, it is known as The Teardrop of the Moon, formed the night the moon cried.

For more information, read our guide to the Belmont Lagoon Reserve Walk

Belmont Wetlands State Park

bush walks lake macquarie

Belmont Wetlands State Park offers short, family-friendly bushwalks through beautiful coastal bushland and wetlands. There are many walking trails through the Belmont Wetlands State Park, stretching from the main entrance off Kalaroo Road at Redhead, through to Belmont Lagoon. There are two short walks which are suitable for those walking with younger children, the Wildflower Walk, and the Gilbey Loop Walk. Each walk offers different scenery and things to look at. You can also bring your dog along on these walks.

For more information, read our guide to the Belmont Wetlands State Park Walks

Green Point Walk

The Green Point Foreshore Reserve area connecting Belmont and Valentine is like a choose your own adventure walk. There’s a variety of different routes to see and places to go. It has it all. There are lake views, fishing spots, bush trails, scenic lookouts and picnic and barbecue areas too. Formerly a coal mine from 1863 to 1982, the area is now a beautiful lakefront reserve. It’s a stunning spot and one that easy to explore with kids. The area is full of different walking trails, some of them more challenging than the others. We travelled along the shared concrete pathway before returning on some of the dirt tracks. This track is stroller-friendly, wheelchair friendly and good for kids on bikes and scooters.

For more information, read our guide to the Green Point Walk

Glendale to Wallsend Tramway Track

Tramway Track Wallsend

A former steam tram route, the Tramway Track is a 3.9km off-road walk and cycleway connecting Glendale in Lake Macquarie to Wallsend in Newcastle. If you’ve driven along Lake Road from Wallsend to Glendale, you’ll know how the road climbs up to the high point before descending down to Glendale. However, this track located down in the gully is a much easier way to get from Wallsend to Glendale as it has a steady shallow 3% gradient which was necessary for steam trams. It’s still a bit hilly though so it’s best for kids with some endurance.

For more information, read our guide to the Wallsend Glendale Tramway Track

Munibung Hill Walk

If you’re looking for a panoramic view of the north end of Lake Macquarie and surrounding suburbs, then the challenge of Munibung Hill may be something for you and your family. The hill rises approximately 160 metres above the surrounding countryside and at the top, you’re rewarded with panoramic views of the lake and the northern suburbs of Lake Macquarie. There are lots of different trails around Munibung Hill but we like the walk which begins in Lucilla Ridge in Macquarie Hills.

For more information, read our guide to walking up Munibung Hill

Galgabba Point Walk

Galgabba Point Walk

Enjoy a bush walk with lake views and mangroves. If you’re looking for an easy nature walk, away from the crowds and with some soothing sights and sounds for your senses, why not give Galgabba Point Walk in Swansea a try? The 3.2km return walk located on the Lake Macquarie side of Swansea is in a beautiful nature reserve. You really don’t need to travel far to feel like you and the family are having a bit of an adventure. It is a flat, mostly linear walk with just a few small rocks underfoot at times, so it can be navigated with a pram or stroller.

For more information, read our guide to the Galgabba Point Walk

Explore Wangi Point

Pristine bushland, beautiful water views and history. Wangi Point at Wangi Wangi in western Lake Macquarie has it all. There are four main tracks through Wangi Point. The Wangi Circuit Track roughly follows the perimeter of the point and joins up with each of the other tracks. The Wangi Circuit Track is the longest of all the tracks, at 1.7km. Although this isn’t a huge distance, the track is not particularly flat and is uneven in parts. It’s a fun challenge for school-aged kids. There’s also the Botany Track. This track is shorter (about 800m return) and very scenic. This track isn’t pram friendly, but it would probably be a better walk for preschool-aged children than the Wangi Circuit Track (simply because it’s shorter, and gives easier access to the lake).

For more information, read our guide to the Wangi Point Walk

Kilaben Bay Nature Walk

Kilaben Bay Nature Walk

If you’re looking for a short bush walk suitable for the kids, why not try the Kilaben Bay Nature Walk in Lake Macquarie? The walk winds through beautiful bush along a wide fire trail and boardwalks, and finishes at the lake’s edge at Kilaben Bay – the perfect spot for a picnic and a play by the water. A little way along the fire trail, you will come to the banks of the lovely Kilaben Creek. The walk is about 1.5km each way. If you are visiting with younger children who might struggle to walk there and back, you could start the walk at Kilaben Park and walk towards the Fire Station on the flatter section, and then turn around when the kids are getting tired.

For more information, read our guide to the Kilaben Bay Nature Walk

Caves Beach to Pinny Beach

Caves Beach Spoon Rocks Coast Walk

Want a gorgeous and adventurous walk with views and beach stops? Hike from Caves Beach to Pinny Beach via Spoon Rocks in Lake Macquarie. It’s a bit of an adventure with steep terrain in some spots, a staircase and fire trails to follow but lots of fun for those with older kids. One of the highlights of this walk is Spoon Rocks. Here you’ll find a beautiful secluded beach that faces northeast and is protected from the prevailing winds. No wonder the locals keep this a secret. This beach is named Spoon Rocks because the rocks and beach resemble a spoon. The rocks are the remains of a breakwater that was originally constructed to transport local coal onto waiting ships. The official walk from Caves Beach to the Southern Headland of Pinny Beach is a 5.2 kilometre return track but you can do shorter walks to suit your family and if you want to stop by a beach or two. If you time your walk at the right time, you can also explore the caves at Caves Beach at low tide before or after your walk.

For more information, read our guide to the Caves Beach Walk

Cooranbong Swing Bridge Walk

Cooranbong Swing Bridge Dora Creek

Where in the world can you find a wobbly swing bridge and an old Weet-Bix factory? You might be surprised to learn that you can see both at Cooranbong in western Lake Macquarie while walking along the banks of peaceful Dora Creek. The Sandy Creek Track takes in beautiful views of the creek and offers kids an opportunity to immerse themselves in nature. The track is about 3km long (return), and is nice and flat – suitable for a sturdy pram if the conditions are dry.

For more information, read our guide to the Cooranbong Swing Bridge Walk

Murrays Beach Walk

lake macquarie walking trails

If you’re around Murrays Beach, go a for a stroll along the lake. There is a flat and well-maintained walking and bike track that winds gently around the lake. The natural bush setting is beautiful, and if you’re lucky, you might spot a native animal like an echidna or a lizard or two in their natural setting.

For more information, read our guide to the Murrays Beach.

Mount Sugarloaf Walk

Mount Sugarloaf

Visible across most of Newcastle and the lower Hunter, Mount Sugarloaf is one of the highest points around the region. At 412 metres high, it’s the hill with the radio and TV transmitters. It’s also a great spot for walks. There’s a few walking trails you can do here with your family that vary in length. The easiest walk to do is the walk to the summit. It’s a short but steep 10 minute walk up the path to reach the summit. From the top, you’ll see views of Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, and the surrounding Hunter areas.

For more information, read our guide to Mount Sugarloaf

Boarding House Dam Walk

lake macquarie walking trails

Enjoy a beautiful stroll starting from Boarding House area in Watagans National Park. Hidden in the heart of the Watagans is the Boarding House Dam picnic area and walk, a magical and enchanting little place. Filled with waterfalls, creeks, and natural wildlife, it is a beautiful escape from the busy world. The entire circuit spans only 700m in total, making it a perfect nature walk for all ages, particularly those on a family walk with little kids. The main attraction is a beautiful120m green moss wall that’s particularly photo-worthy. Please note – current safety alert indicates that Watagan Road is not suitable for 2WD vehicles.

For more information, read our guide to the Boarding House Dam Walk.

Gap Creek Falls Walk

Want a more challenging walk in the Watagans? Explore Gap Creek Falls at Watagans National Park. If you have adventuresome kids, they will love the fun hike down to the waterfall. The track begins with the Gap Creek Walking Track which is a 20 minute mostly flat return walk. It provides a taste of hiking through the Watagans without too much effort. In some spots, the path narrows and you’ll have to climb over vines while in other places, the trail opens up.

You’ll come to a fork in the trail near a large overturned tree. You can go left and continue on the Gap Creek Falls walk (450 metres) or go right at the tree to the Gap Creek Forest Walk (400 metres). The Gap Creek Falls walk is fantastic but be prepared. This walk is classified as moderate by National Parks and Wildlife Service but it’s pretty steep on the way down and back. Although we saw lots of younger kids on the trail, some were being carried back on the return trip. Be ready to take lots of breaks on the way back up the hill to catch your breath. It’s worth it though to see Gap Creek Falls.

Moonee Beach Trail – Central Coast Council LGA

lake macquarie walking trails

If you live within 5km of Central Coast LGA border, you could do this walk or else save this walk for after lockdown ends as it’s technically in Central Coast LGA. For gorgeous coastal views, enchanting rock pools and calm swimming spots, check out Moonee Beach, near Catherine Hill Bay. The beach is only accessible on foot and one of the ways is the Moonee Beach Trail (which is accessed from Snapper Point Road in Munmorah State Conservation Area). This 4km return track begins at the summit of a hill and meanders down through beautiful coastal heath to the beach. The trail is wide and relatively easy walking most of the way down, although it’s too rugged for pram or wheelchair access. It’s a walk best suited to families who like walking. Although it’s a fairly easy walk on the way down, the return trip is all uphill! But the views are worth it.

For more information, read our guide to the Moonee Beach Trail

Header Photo: Sea Eagle Lookout on Green Point Walk

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