Bike or Walk Along The Wallsend to Glendale Tramway Track

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Horses, ducks and a kangaroo! These are just some of the things we saw on our bike ride along the Tramway Track. Similar to the Fernleigh Track, this is a former steam tram route from Wallsend to West Wallsend and Speers Point which has been repurposed. The Tramway Track is a 3.9 kilometre off-road cycle / pedestrian track which connects Wallsend to Glendale.

Tramway Track Wallsend Glendale

If you’ve driven along Lake Road from Wallsend to Glendale, you’ll know how the road climbs up to the high point before descending down to Glendale. However, this track located down in the gully is a much easier way to get from Wallsend to Glendale as it has a steady shallow 3% gradient which was necessary for steam trams.

Tramway Track Wallsend Glendale

Starting from the corner of Cowper Road and Lake Road in Wallsend, the path goes through a tunnel which is under Newcastle Link Road.

On one side of the track, you’ll see houses and residential aged homes.

Tramway Track Wallsend Glendale

On the other are bush and farmland. It’s a scenic bike ride. Keep an eye out for horses, ducks and the occasional kangaroo.

Tramway Track Wallsend Glendale

However, it does require a certain amount of fitness as from each end, it does climb to a summit, even though it’s a gradual rise (3% gradient).

Tramway Track Wallsend Glendale

If your family does get tired and need a break, there are plenty of benches and bike racks so you can stop and enjoy the surprising rural setting west of the retirement and aged care facilities on Lake road.

Tramway Track Glendale

If you prefer to just do the flatter part of the Tramway Track, start at Wallsend and go two-thirds of the way until the path starts to climb and turn around and go back.

Tramway Track Wallsend Glendale

Else, you can climb up to the summit and then cruise downhill most of the way to Glendale through a wooded section. However, you will need to climb back up the hill from the Glendale entrance.

Tramway Track Newcastle

Unlike the Fernleigh Track, there are a lot fewer people using the trail. However, we did have teenagers on motorised dirtbikes race past us (even though there are signs prohibiting their use on the track) and also found ourselves behind a horse (and its poop!).

Tramway Track Wallsend Glendale

Good to Know

Start / End Point: The end points of the Tramway Track are Cowper Street in Wallsend (corner Lake Rd) and Frederick Street in Glendale (next to the TAFE).

Parking: In Wallsend, the track starts at the busy roundabout of Cowper Street and Lake Road. Park in surrounding streets like Bousfield Street near the Wallsend Men’s shed and access the Tramway Track via the end of Ganney Road. At the Glendale end, you can park near the Glendale TAFE.

Amenities: There are no amenities along this track so you’ll need to use facilities in Wallsend or Glendale before you go.

Distance: The Tramway Track is approximately 3.9km in length one-way and provides a western link between the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie council areas. Depending on the age and ability of your kids, you may choose to ride or walk part of the path only. Taking into consideration how fast your family walks or bikes, it could take you 20 – 30 minutes biking each way or 40 – 45 minutes to walk each walk.

Bring: Water bottles, insect repellent, sunscreen.

Tramway Track Wallsend Glendale

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