Brickworks Park: Discover History, Nature & a Fun Playground

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Combine history and play on a family day out to Wallsend Brickworks Park, site of a historic brickmaking operation and the location of a new playground constructed by the City of Newcastle in 2020.

This is a great spot for families to visit. It features a playground, nature trails and a peaceful pond area with observation area and abundant bird life. It’s hard to believe that the park is in the middle of a suburb as it’s quiet and tranquil. When you first approach Brickworks Park, you won’t see anything. It’s all hidden away behind the trees.

It’s also the site of the Newy with Kids Brickworks scavenger hunt. Download and print the scavenger hunt before you visit the park.

Brickworks Park Wallsend

To access Brickworks Park, you’ll need to find a park on the road outside. There are approximately 25 parking spaces and then it’s 200 metres walk along a paved path to Brickworks Park.

Brickworks Park

You’ll first spot the picnic shelters and barbecues. These are ideal if you want to get together with friends and cook up some lunch.

Brickworks Park Wallsend

You might also see a brick artwork. This is a sculpture named Kullas Incubator constructed entirely of recycled bricks.

Brickworks Park Wallsend

Look left and you’ll spot the new playground. Here you’ll find lots of things to keep kids happy.

Start with the big wooden fort structure. It features two slides – a large enclosed tube slide and another smaller one for younger kids. There’s also a net spiderweb and climbing wall for kids to climb up.

If kids want to swing, you can choose from a baby swing, regular swing and also a group basket swing.

Brickworks Park Wallsend

The roundabout is easy to operate and as it is level to the ground, safer for families. You don’t have to worry about kids falling off the edge of raised roundabouts.

Brickworks Park Wallsend

Get kids to practice their balance along the wooden balance beam and plastic circles.

Brickworks Park Wallsend

Bring a ball and kick it around. There is plenty of green space in the park. You can also bring bikes and scooters as there are bike paths from this park.

Once kids tire of the playground, take them for a walk. Take a left at the brick sculpture and head down the paved trail.

Brickworks Park Wallsend

This leads to the expansive covered picnic area featuring tables and BBQs. At the end of the trail is a large bird viewing area with secure fencing preventing little ones from ending up in the pond.

Here you will enjoy views of quarry walls, gum trees and a peaceful pond with abundant birdlife. There are spaces for adults and kids to look through at different heights.

There are many varieties of birds including loud quacking families of ducks. 

Brickworks Park Wallsend

This area was once the Wallsend Brickworks site. The Wallsend Brickworks operated from 1891 to 1977 and used steam-powered machinery to make bricks. At its peak, the operation had orders of 400,000 bricks a week. The park is dotted with remnants of the historic operation including brick making machine and chimney remains. For all the details on its historical past, read the interpretative boards at the beginning of the park.

Brickworks Park Wallsend

Good to Know

Car park brickworks park

Address: Iranda Grove, Wallsend, NSW. You’ll need to park outside the Brickworks Park. There’s approximately 25 parking spaces available and then walk approximately 200 metres to park.
Public Toilets: Yes. Located at the entrance of park.
Water Fountain: Yes, near picnic tables
Picnic Facilities: Plenty of benches and a covered picnic tables
BBQ: Yes.
Café Nearby: No

Brickworks Park Wallsend
Toilet Block

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