Enjoy a Family Walk Up Munibung Hill

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If you’re looking for a panoramic view of the north end of Lake Macquarie and surrounding suburbs, then the challenge of Munibung Hill may be something for you and your family. The hill rises approximately 160 metres above the surrounding countryside and at the top, you’re rewarded with panoramic views of the lake and the northern suburbs of Lake Macquarie.

What do I take on a walk up Munibung Hill?

Before you leave, please be aware that there are no public amenities (including BBQs, tables or toilets) nor are there signs showing directions or distance so be sure to make sure your smartphone is charged so you can follow your progress on Google Maps. Remember to take water, sunscreen and a hat. Wear covered walking shoes and be certain to supervise your children. If you want to eat at the top, you will need to pack a picnic lunch.

How do you get to Munibung Hill?

Munibung Hill
The start of our trek at Lucilla Ridge

The place we chose to start our walk was at Lucilla Ridge in Macquarie Hills but there are several other access points as well in Speers Point and Lakelands. The trail began as a cement path then quickly became a gravel track.

In the steeper parts, the ground is eroded with rivulets so be certain to choose your step carefully and make sure to hold little one’s hands.

Once you get to the broadcast towers, follow the track along the ridge where you will find a natural grassy area. All up, it took us about twenty minutes to get to the top.

Checking out the view

After you’ve taken in the view, then it’s time to head back down the hill.

Munibung Hill
Some intrepid trekkers we met on our walk

However, if you’re adventurous, you can continue along a track that eventually leads to quarries on the southern side of the hill. You will also find an exit to the suburb of Speers Point here.

Be aware that this walk adds a considerable amount of time to the trek and makes it quite a challenging hike for a family. Do be aware that on the day we went, there were numerous dirt bikes on the southern side, so if they come near, make sure to stay to the edge of the path and block little ones ears while they pass.

With this information, I recommend a family walk up Munibung Hill. It’s the perfect way to burn off the excess energy of kids as well as see great views.

Other sources of information

The Munibung Hill Conservation Society also have a guide to Munibung Hill which details various walking trails around the area.

Lake Macquarie Library have prepared a guide which provides local history about Munibung Hill.

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