Galgabba Point Walk: A Bush Walk With Lake Views

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If you’re looking for an easy nature walk, away from the crowds and with some soothing sights and sounds for your senses, why not give Galgabba Point Walk in Swansea a try? The walk located on the Lake Macquarie side of Swansea is a beautiful nature reserve. You really don’t need to travel far to feel like you and the family are having a bit of an adventure.

The 3.2 kilometre return Galgabba Point Walk starts at the intersection of Nioka Place and Old Pacific Hwy.

Galgabba Point Walk Lake Macquarie

The path is wide enough for two people to walk along without brushing up against long grass. It is a flat, mostly linear walk with just a few small rocks underfoot at times, so it can be navigated with a pram or stroller.

Galgabba Point Walk Lake Macquarie

The lakeside walk meanders through a wooded area full of birds chirping happily from high up in the trees.

Don’t forget to look up or you might miss some incredible views of the sun shining through the canopy branches. This is a spectacular sight and a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us every day.

Galgabba Point Walk

Bird lovers might enjoy spotting some feathered friends or even just taking a few moments to be silent and listen to the varied calls. You might even be lucky enough to spot the endangered Regent Honeyeater or Swift Parrot within this ecological community. In order to help preserve the threatened flora and fauna in the area, dogs are not permitted on this walk.

After walking an easy distance among the trees, you will catch your first glimpse of the sparkling lake. A little further along lies an ideal resting place and picnic spot.

Galgabba Point Walk

There is a large picnic table adjacent to the water where you and your family will be able to enjoy a packed lunch while enjoying the views across the lake. The track forms a small loop here which allows you to explore Galgabba Point.

Galgabba Point Walk

If you venture a short distance off the path toward the point, there is a grassy opening which leads to the water’s edge and some beautiful mangroves. Here you might be able to spot some little fish swimming around the mangrove roots.

Galgabba Point Walk

Nature walks can be a great opportunity to spark a child’s interest in plants, animals and weather and for incidental learning to occur. Start by instigating some conversations around the senses.

Galgabba Point Walk Lake Macquarie

At Galgabba Point, there is an abundance of trees, ferns, grasses, rocks, leaves and water to observe. What can you see, hear, smell and feel? These simple questions can often lead to deeper learning and questioning. It can then be a natural transition to incorporate this learning into other areas of interest such as art, music and writing. (Of course, it’s absolutely fine to just simply enjoy the walk – the learning happens through the experience!)

Many of us seem to be making the most of the great outdoors lately and have been taking family walks in order to keep physically and mentally fit. There is no doubt about it, especially during these uncertain times, that a daily dose of fresh air, sunlight and exercise is uplifting and beneficial to overall health.

This walk is suitable for the whole family, including mobile grandparents and even little ones who sometimes run out of steam during longer treks. Galgabba Point walk is a tucked-away gem just waiting to be explored. It is a peaceful way to spend an hour or two being inspired by nature.

Good to know

Distance: 3.2 km return 

Bring: Water, picnic, walking shoes, sunhat

Dogs: Leave your dog at home. Dogs aren’t permitted.

Getting there: Entrance opposite the intersection of Nioka Place and Old Pacific Hwy in Swansea.

For more information, visit the Lake Macquarie City Council website


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