Explore Lake Macquarie’s Sculpture Walk and Fitness Trail

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The Warners Bay foreshore has been transformed. It now features an outdoor sculpture trail as well as exercise stations in the stretch between Eleebana and Warners Bay. It’s a fun family excursion combining culture with some physical exercise. Not only will kids get to see artwork up close, they can burn off some energy on the walk and on the exercise equipment.

Where should I start the Lake Macquarie sculpture walk?

Start at Eleebana Lions Park. There is a free carpark and you’ll find toilets and BBQ facilities.

The first sculpture is also located in this park.

How far is it?

The distance from Eleebana Lions Park to Warners Bay is approximately 2 kilometres (about a half-hour walk). The path is wide and level. The walk is accessible to prams, wheelchairs, bikes, scooters and most other things on wheels!

Which direction do I head?

Walk, ride or, if you’re feeling energetic, jog along the shared bike path towards Warners Bay. This path is called the Watagan Cycle Track. If you’re on foot, make sure to keep left and listen out for bike bells that warn of an approaching cyclist.

The Red Bluff Boardwalk

Heading away from the Eleebana Lions Park, the path turns into the Red Bluff Boardwalk. This sturdy ‘boardwalk’ is actually made of metal and skirts the bluff above the water. There is text etched into the handrail so take a moment to read it.

The South Creek Underpass to Bunya Park

If you’d like a diversion, you can cross the road safely via an underpass at the South Creek Bridge. The path leads you back to Bunya Park which has a toilet and a playground. If you are up for an adventure, there’s a walk at the back of the park that weaves through the bush down to the banks of South Creek and back to the main road.

The Fitness Trail

The next section of the track (between South Creek and Warners Bay) features a fitness trail. The trail comprises six stations and each one offers a different exercise activity. Stop at each station and spice up your activity with some friendly family competition.

The Sculptures

Similar to Sydney’s Sculpture by The Sea, we are lucky to have our own mini-sculpture walk beside the most beautiful lake in Australia. Take the kids to see the sculptures up close! The sculptures are created by nationally and internationally renowned artists. Among others, the works include a flying pig, an oversized Buddhist monk-child and a mauve bust of Charles Darwin.

Lake Macquarie Sculpture Walk
Naidee Changmoh – The Ascetic 2015
Guy Maestri – Darwin 2017, painted bronze sculpture
Guy Maestri – Darwin 2017, painted bronze sculpture
Guan Wei – No.1 Sky Pig, 2017, bronze sculpture
Guan Wei – No.1 Sky Pig, 2017, bronze sculpture
Hooded figure

Have a breather!

After all your exercise, you may be needing a rest before heading back to Eleebana. If that’s the case then there are some funky (and comfy) recliners in which to relax and enjoy the lake and reflect back on the ‘art gallery without walls’. There’s more artwork around the lake. Visit the Lake Macquarie City Council website for more information.

Other foreshore attractions

  • Warners Bay Playground

Across the road from the foreshore, you’ll find the new revamped Warners Bay playground if your children would like play off some of their energy after lunch.

  • Barbecues

If you’re feeling hungry, dotted along the route are barbecues. If you plan ahead, you could stop and cook lunch or otherwise pack your own picnic. Alternatively, there is a supermarket and numerous cafés in Warners Bay for anything that you might like to purchase.

Lake Macquarie Sculpture Walk
  • Shops and Cafés

There’s a variety of shops and cafés in the main strip with a supermarket located further back in the village.

  • Cycling

If you were keen to avoid the hassle of bringing your own bicycle to the lake, there are hire bikes available at Warners Bay. If you were keen to extend your adventure around the lake to Speers Point or Booragul these bicycles would be ideal. Some of these cycles are also fitted with children’s seats.

Looking for more great walks to enjoy with the kids? Check out the Walks section of Newy with Kids.

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