A Drive Up to Mount Sugarloaf

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Did you know that snow fell at Mount Sugarloaf on July 18, 1965? Yes, according to a plaque erected by the Cardiff Lions Club at the summit of the hill, white stuff fell here on a winter long ago.

This is just one of the interesting things you’ll see if you visit Mount Sugarloaf, one of the highest points around the region. At 412 metres high, Mount Sugarloaf lookoutwith its radio and TV transmitters can be seen across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Mount Sugarloaf

It’s an easy drive up to Mount Sugarloaf located in West Wallsend. Just follow George Booth Drive out until you reach Sugarloaf Road and follow it all the way to the top parking lot.

Mount Sugarloaf

It’s then a short but steep 10 minute walk up the path to reach the summit.

Mount Sugarloaf bushwalks

As you reach the top, you’ll need to ascend steel steps and then rock steps so prams and strollers are no good for this walk. If you’re bringing a baby, use a carrier instead.

Mount Sugarloaf lookout

From the top, you’ll see views of Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, and the surrounding Hunter areas. You can even see the Stockton sands.

Mount Sugarloaf peak
Mount Sugarloaf

Mount Sugarloaf is a popular spot for families to visit with picnic, BBQs and toilet facilities and plenty of parking available. There are also other walks around the area that you can do.

Mount Sugarloaf

One of the favourite pastimes for kids is bringing flattened cardboard or plastic toboggans and sliding down the short but steep grassy hill below the top parking lot.

Mount Sugarloaf

Bring a picnic and enjoy some food after your walk up to the summit. There’s plenty of picnic tables around to sit and enjoy the views down to the coast.

For more information about Mount Sugarloaf, visit the Visit Lake Mac website.

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