5 Playgrounds with Scooter Tracks in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter

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Younger children just starting out on their very first scooter, older kids confident with their tricks and all kids in between can enjoy a park with a scooter track. Load the scooters, helmets and protective gear into the car and head out to one of these playgrounds that include a great scooter track in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter.

Bridges Hill Park Playground (Cessnock)

Bridges Hill Park Scooter Track Cessnock

This recently completed playground features a great kids scooter/biking area designed to mimic real roads. Complete with traffic signs, traffic lights, and a ‘refueling station’ where kids can stop to ‘fill up’ using the adorable fuel pump. If you have a little scooter enthusiast it’s definitely worth the extra drive to Bridges Hill Park Playground as once they tire of the scooter track they can scooter around on the wide, concrete paths that weave through the playground or play on the amazing array of equipment. Read more about Bridges Hill Park Playground.

Lake Macquarie Variety Playground (Speers Point)

Speers Point Park scooter track

The scooter track at Lake Macquarie Variety Playground is popular with kids on both bikes and scooters. The large track located at the back (western end) of the playground features ‘roads’ complete with road crossings, road signs, obstacles and roundabouts. There is a great, raised ‘refueling station’ where they can ‘fill up’ before heading down the ramp and back onto the track.

Speers Point Park scooter track Lake Macquarie

When the kids need a break they can park up their bike or scooter in the dedicated parking station. One great thing about the scooter track at Lake Macquarie Variety Playground is that it weaves a lovely path through trees, shrubs and shaded areas and there are plenty of benches and spaces for adults to sit and relax while the little ones ride round and round. Read more about Lake Macquarie Variety Playground.

Maitland Park All-Abilities Playground (Maitland)

If you’re looking for a great day out with your scooter enthusiasts it’s hard to beat a trip to Maitland Park. The dedicated scooter/bike track features road markings, road signs, speed bumps, crossings and a ‘refueling station’. There are also plenty of wide, concrete paths that wind through the Maitland Park grounds, great for scootering on. Read more about Maitland Park All-Abilities Park.

Islington Park (Islington)


The scooter/bike track at Islington Park weaves around the perimeter of the fantastic playground. Kids will love riding their scooters from one part of the playground to the next stopping along the way to have a play on the playground equipment and to obey the traffic signs dotted along the track. Read more about Islington Park.

The Station (Newcastle East)

The Station Scooter Track

The recently upgraded scooter track at The Station is perfect for preschoolers and younger school-aged kids. The track, which is completely flat and painted onto the concrete, allows plenty of space for them to cruise up and down. Once the kids tire of going around the track they can ride their scooters through the water mist jets nearby. With lots of shaded seating, it’s the perfect destination on a sunny day. Read more about The Station.

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