Islington Park: Have Fun at the Playground, Scooter Track & Basketball Court

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With lots of fun play equipment as well as a scooter track, Islington Park is a great playground for kids of all ages.

Islington Park

Islington Park is a great park with loads for kids to do in the playground. It’s also popular with mothers groups as there’s plenty of covered shelters and benches to sit on.

Islington Park

The playground includes your traditional swings and a disabled swing as well as a very fun flying saucer swing.

Islington Park Playground

There’s things to climb over and under, around and through including a climbing structure, play equipment with slides, a boat and a colourful sculpture.

Islington Park
Islington Park

There’s also a water play area where kids can press a tap to make the water cascade down the hill. Most local mums recommend bringing a change of clothes for the inevitable wet clothes situation.

Islington Park

Bring scooter and bikes for the track around the perimeter of the park. Just make sure kids follow the cute traffic signs.

Islington Park

There’s also a half court for basketball or netball if your kids want to practice their ball handling skills. If you feel like an impromptu hide and seek game, there’s plenty of trees and playground equipment to hide behind.

It’s also top spot for a picnic or a barbie with free BBQs and picnic shelters.

Islington Park

**Keep in mind that the playground is located near Throsby Creek so you do need to keep an eye on your children to prevent them from climbing through the fence into the water. Also, there are no toilets nearby at this park! You’ll need to head east to the toilets located in Islington Park at 49 Phoebe Street. **


Address: Maitland Road, Islington, NSW
Public Toilets: A bit of a hike. Toilets are located in Islington Park at 49 Phoebe Street.
Water Fountain: Yes
Picnic Facilities: Plenty of benches and a covered picnic table at playground.
BBQ: Two.
Café Nearby: Yes. Little Birdy.

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