Money Saving Tips: 250+ Ideas to Cut Your Spending & Make Your Money Go Further

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No doubt about it, the cost of living is going up! You might have noticed the rise in petrol prices when you went to fill up your car, realised that your weekly grocery spend is costing more and noticed that your household bills are costing more. Let’s not even talk about the increase in rents or house prices!

With household budgets being squeezed across Australia and interest rates on the way up, we’ve put together a series of guides to help you save money on your household expenses. They contain useful tips and suggestions about how to make your money go further. As well as useful money-saving tips, we’ve also put together information about various NSW programs and voucher schemes to help you save money. We’ve also included ideas for free family fun for those with kids or grandkids. We hope this information helps you save money if you’re on a tight budget.


How to Save Money on Your Grocery Shop

It’s easy to save money on groceries and reduce your shopping bill. Here are our favourite money-saving tips to save dollars at the supermarket.

13 Products You Should Buy Generic to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

Save lots of money on your grocery bill by choosing the generic version over a name-brand product. Most of the time, you can’t tell the difference in taste. Here’s our list of generic products to purchase.

10 Top Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden to Save Money on Your Grocery Bills

Save money on your grocery bill and start growing food. Here in Australia, we are blessed with a great climate for growing herbs and vegetables. Here is a list of vegetables to grow in your garden to save money on your grocery spend.


How to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

Save hundreds on your utilities. Here are some useful tips to reduce energy use and slash the costs of your electricity, gas and water bill.

17 Best Websites & Apps to Save You Money

Trying to save money? Here are a collection of websites and apps to install on your phone guaranteed to save you money and trim your spend.


Kids Eat Free in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & The Hunter

Don’t feel like cooking but want to save on going out with your family? Here’s a list of where kids can eat free (or cheap) in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter region all week long!

50+ Free & Low Cost Things to Do With Kids in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & The Hunter

Looking for some affordable family fun? You don’t always have to spend lots of money on activities to entertain babies and kids. There are lots of free and low-cost things to do in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

Discover Newcastle through Free Family Scavenger Hunt Printables

Get out and explore Newcastle! Newy with Kids, with the support of City of Newcastle’s Boost Your Place placemaking, has developed a series of free family scavenger hunts to download.

50 Ways To Save Money When You Have A Baby

They’re small and cuddly but babies can cost a fortune! It seems like there are so many things to get for pregnancy, birth and beyond. A pram, baby clothes, car seat, diapers, baby wipes, toys, the list is endless. Here are our best tips on how to save money when you expecting a baby.

How to Easily Save Money – 101 Tips to Save on Family Expenses

Trying to save money on your family budget? Here’s 101 ideas to save money on your family expenses without compromising fun, style and time.

150+ Ideas For Free Family Fun at Home

Keep family life fun with a mega list of kids activities to try. Here are 150 ideas for family activities to enjoy for kids of all ages. We’ve included games and activities you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors as well as around your local neighbourhood.

15 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Kid’s Birthday Party

It’s easy to get carried away and spend a lot of money on throwing your child a birthday party especially when you see some of the kids’ birthday parties featured on Instagram or Tik Tok. Before you max out the dollars, remember you can still have a fun and memorable kids party on a budget. Whether you’re on a strict budget or just want to curtail excess birthday party spending, here are our best tips to help you save money on a kids birthday party.


20 Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Want to look stylish on a budget? Spend less, be frugal & still look fashionable. Here are our best hacks to save money on clothes.

Save Money! How to Stream TV & Movies for Free in Australia

Cut the costs of paid streaming services! We’ve researched the best free streaming platforms available in Australia to find free movies & TV.

15+ Best Ways How to Save Money on Books & Magazines

Love reading but spending too much on books & magazines? Here are our best creative ways to cut costs on your reading materials.

Exercising on a Budget? Try These Tips to Save Money on Fitness

Ditch that expensive gym membership or personal trainer and work out for less. You’ll save loads of money while still getting your cardio or zen on.

25 Tips To Save Money on Travel & Holidays

Enjoy your holiday without worrying about costs! Don’t spend heaps on airfares, accommodation & attractions. Here are our 25 best tips to save money on travel.


$250 Parents NSW Vouchers as a Homeschooling Thank You

Apply for $250 worth of entertainment and accommodation vouchers. The NSW Government has launched Parents NSW Vouchers to thank parents, guardians and carers who provided home learning to their school-enrolled children during 2021.

Additional Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers: Extra $50 Worth to Spend on Dining Out & Entertainment

Use your 2 x $25 Dine & Discover NSW vouchers on is now available to be redeemed for food & entertainment. Find out more.

$50 NSW Stay NSW Voucher

NSW residents aged 18 and over can apply for 1 x $50 voucher to use towards the cost of accommodation bookings at hotels, motels, resorts, caravan parks and camping grounds. Find out more.

Active Kids Voucher: Apply for Two $100 NSW Active Kids Sports Rebates

The Active Kids program provides families in NSW with two $100 per school-aged child each year, to help meet the cost of getting kids involved in community sport.

NSW Creative Kids $100 Voucher for School Age Kids

The NSW Creative Kids $100 Rebate can be put towards the cost of registration, participation or tuition fees for creative and cultural activities such as music lessons, language classes, coding and digital, visual and performing arts.

$100 First Lap Voucher for Swimming Lessons for Kids Aged 3 – 6

The First Lap voucher program provides $100 vouchers for parents, guardians and carers of children aged 3-6 years towards the cost of swimming lessons.

$180 NSW Family Energy Rebate

Apply for a $180 NSW Family Energy Rebate. The 2021-22 rebate helps NSW families with the cost of their energy bills. Apply online.


How To Make Extra Money: 30 Ways to Increase Your Income

Earn extra money. Here are the best ways to make extra cash so you can pay bills and supplement your income.

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