How To Make Extra Money: 30 Ways to Increase Your Income

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Is money a bit tight and you’re looking to make a bit of extra money? There are so many innovative and easy ways that you can earn some extra cash. Whether it’s a side gig around your regular job or something to supplement your maternity leave or pension, here are our best suggestions for making extra money in Australia. Most of these ideas can be done from home.

Find a part-time job

Post-lockdown, there is a shortage of workers. Head to your local shopping centre or strip and see what jobs are available. With a labour shortage, employers are willing to be flexible about hours.

Rent out your home

Rent out a room in your house that you’re not using or rent the entire place out for a weekend and stay with friends and family.

Drive for Uber

Use your car to make extra money transporting people around your regular working hours, late nights and on weekends. Sign up for Uber or Ola.

Deliver food

Make some extra money in the gig economy delivering food for Ubereats, Deliveroo or Menulog. You can use a bike, scooter, motorbike or car to deliver food to people’s homes.

Be a dog walker

If you love furbabies, hire yourself out as a dog walker, pet groomer or provide petsitting services. So many people have pandemic puppies and require people to need look after them while they’re at work or away on holidays.

Provide tutoring services

Smart and patient with kids? Run a tutoring business and provide school students with assistance on maths, English or a language. This can also be done online. Use technology like Zoom or Facetime to your advantage.

Provide home laundry & ironing business

Target time-poor professionals and offer home laundry and ironing services. Provide pickup and delivery service for extra convenience.

Grow plants for sale

Make money growing plants. If you can grow house plants like succulents, ferns and other in-demand plants, sell them for extra money.

Cook and deliver meals

There are many time-poor people who don’t have a chance to cook. Provide catering services by creating meals that they can reheat at home.

Be a proofreader or editor

Got a keen eye for words? Hire yourself out as a proofreader or editor. Check out the Australian Writers Centre for information on editing courses.

Design websites

Do you have web design skills? Create websites for small businesses. Knowing how to do a website on WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace can translate into extra money.

Provide childcare

Qualified to look after kids? Run a family daycare in your home. Check with your local council for all the requirements that you’ll need to comply with. Or hire yourself out as a nanny to a family which needs in-home care.

Make crafts

If you’re talented at making stuff, create a range and sell it at local markets or online on Etsy. Think about crafts like jewellery, soap, homewares, clothing and accessories.

Offer bookkeeping services

If you’re good with numbers and know accounting programs like MYOB or Xero, offer bookkeeping services to businesses. There are many businesses, especially small businesses or solopreneurs who struggle with keeping their accounts up to date.

Manage social media

Are you savvy on social media? Hire yourself out to businesses looking for someone to manage their social media accounts.

Provide virtual assistance

Become a virtual assistant from your own home. Companies big and small need administrative assistance so if you can do data entry, transcription, email and calendar management and other admin tasks, consider being a VA.

Be a resume writer

Got HR experience? Help people look for work by writing resume and cover letters. You can also help them with interview practice via Skype or Zoom.

Start freelance writing

If you’re good with words, consider freelance writing. There are newspapers and magazines that will pay freelancers for articles. You can also provide copywriting services for companies that need text written for their websites, brochures, manuals and other business correspondence. Check out the Australian Writers Centre for information on writing courses.

Provide music lessons

If music is a passion of yours and you can teach, consider providing lessons to kids or adults. No matter what the instrument, whether it’s guitar, ukulele, violin or the harmonica, there’s sure to be someone who needs instruction.

Teach a language

Are you fluent in another language or are you qualified to teach English as a second language? Consider teaching language skills to kids or adults.

Clothing alterations

Handy with a sewing machine? Provide clothing alterations and repairs for people. You can even get in contact with local retailers to see if they want to outsource their alterations for jeans and pants to you.

Fill in online surveys

Get paid to share your opinions about new brands and services. Your honest feedback provides valuable marketing research for Australian companies. Sign up to My Opinions to participate.

Deliver flyers

Sign up to deliver catalogues, leaflets and other advertising materials. You can choose to sign up for Deliver For Dollars or contact your local real estate agent agency and see if they need someone to deliver flyers.

Sell excess stuff

Empty out your house and sell your excess goods at a garage sale, local community market or online on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Declutter your house and get sell clothes, toys, bikes, exercise equipment and kitchen stuff.

Sell other people’s stuff

If you’re good at selling stuff, offer to sell other’s people’s excess goods at a garage sale, local community market or online on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Just take a cut of the proceeds or charge a flat fee to earn some money.

Rent out your extra space

Rent out your garage or car space and make some extra money through Spacer. This website connects people looking for additional storage or parking spots with those who have it.

Rent out your car

If you don’t have time or energy to drive people around in an Uber, let them borrow your car instead. Sign up to Car Next Door and rent out your car to make extra money.

Rent out your camper van

Got a campervan that you’re not using. Rent it out to make extra money with Camplify. Using this website, you can earn extra income by renting your caravan, campervan, motorhome or camper trailer while you’re not using it.

Do odd jobs

If you’re looking for tasks to do, hire out your services. There are lots of odd jobs you can do around your community. Sign up for Airtasker to find out about local jobs or remote tasks you can do.

Sign up to work as an AEC worker

With a federal election scheduled for 2022, the Australian Electoral Commission needs to be ready to employ around 100,000 people right across Australia. Temporary paid roles will be available at the next federal election. It’s easy to apply and training provided. Pay ranges from $25.54 to $48.29 per hour, depending on the job. People from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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