13 Products You Should Buy Generic to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

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Forget about buying branded products and save some major money. There are certain products that you can get away with buying the generic or homebrand version. Check the label of the generic to compare it with the branded products sitting beside it on the shelf. Sometimes, you can work out which branded product it is. In Australia, you’ll find generic lines at Woolworths, Coles and IGA while Aldi specialises in stocking their own home brand lines. If you’re a Costco shopper, Kirkland is the home brand there.

Experiment with trying different generic brands to find the best tasting products and save money on your grocery bill. We suggest doing blind taste tests for you and your family so that you don’t let preconceived notions cloud your judgement.


If you’re baking, opt for generic versions of whole wheat, plain and self-raising flour. You’ll even find generic versions of cornflour, almond meal and gluten-free flour.


Whether it’s white, brown, raw or even icing, opt for the generic brand over name brand. When you compare the prices, you can sometimes pay more than double for the branded version.

Salt & other condiments

You don’t need fancy salt. Just look for the generic version and save. Same with condiments.

Canned beans & vegetables

Buy generic versions of canned beans & vegetables. If you want to buy Australian, check the label to see where it comes from and see if you can find a generic version that you like.


No matter what kind of rice you like whether it’s white, long grain, brown, Jasmine, Basmati or arborio, you’ll find a cheaper generic version. Check the label for country of origin and then check the branded product. Usually, it’s from the same country.


Milk is milk. It just has to be fresh and usually comes from the same dairy. That’s why dairy farmers demanded milk have a levy on it to ensure they are receiving their fair share. There are some who swear that generic milk isn’t as tasty as branded milk. Do a taste test and find out for sure. And then calculate the price difference between generic and branded. If it’s worth it to you, pay the extra.


Like milk, butter is butter. Shop around and choose the generic version to use in your cooking.


Brand name or generic, once you cover pasta in sauce, does it really taste any different? Experiment with different shapes and generic brands to find the ones that you really like.


Unless you’re a fancy cheese person, you can get by with buying the generic cheese. Most of the time, you’ll be using it in sandwiches, grated in dishes, etc.

Tinned tomatoes

Choose generic for this pantry staple. There usually isn’t a noticeable difference in canned tomatoes. We prefer the whole tomato cans as you can see the quality of the tomato product that you’re getting compared to crushed tomatoes.

Cereal products

We understand people are loyal to their cereal choice. But just look at the choices available in generic cereal now. Experiment, do blind taste tests and see if there if you can find a generic version which you like. Woolworths now offers a Great Start generic cereal line featuring honey nut cornflakes, rice pops (bubbles), multigrain cereal, and protein clusters while Coles has its own line of generic cereal including cornflakes, rice bubbles and even oats.

Frozen fruits & vegetables

Spend a bit of time in the frozen food aisle and check the product labels of brand name and generic. Most of the time, they will be identical so choose the cheaper generic option. Even if there is a bit of a quality difference if you’re cooking with them dish, using them in a baking recipe or adding them in a smoothie, will you notice the difference?

Bottled water

Water is water so forget about your fancy water and purchase the generic. Better yet, save money (and the environment) and buy a refillable water bottle to save even more money.

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