Practice Ninja Warrior Climbing Skills at Wallsend Park Playground

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The playground at Wallsend Park, Wallsend is a gem! It sits right alongside the soccer fields and at the end of a shady avenue of trees.

Wallsend Park Playground

There are a few different parts and the main section is the perfect place for kids of all ages to test out their ninja warrior skills. 

Wallsend Park Playground

There’s a double-sided climbing wall which is perfect for primary school aged kids to test out their skills.

Wallsend Park Playground

It wouldn’t be a playground without a swing set and there are three to choose from – the two pictured plus a baby swing in the toddler section (sorry I don’t have any pics of the toddler section – Master 9 wasn’t having a bar of it!)

Wallsend Park Playground

For the daredevils, there is a spinning rope climb. After we finished playing on it about 10 kids clambered out and the spinning pace was fast thanks to the runners on the ground.

Wallsend Park Playground

A two-person new school see saw rounds things out – it moves up and down as well as side to side.

Wallsend Park Playground

There is a BBQ shelter right next to the playground and a couple of picnic tables. There is also a soccer field so there is plenty of space to throw, kick or hit a ball. Wallsend skate park is at the opposite end of the park, so pack scooters, skateboards and helmets.

Address: Thomas Street, Wallsend

Ideal age: Toddlers through to primary school aged kids

Public toilets: Yes

Water fountain: Yes

Picnic facilities: Benches and tables

BBQ: One under a shelter

Nearby café: Wallsend Main Street or walk to the Coles servo on the main road.

Car parking: There is a small car park that can only be accessed from Thomas Street (heading East). It’s easier to head for Brooks Street and park on the street.

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