Bounce in the Treetops at Treetop NetWorld!

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If you’re looking for a unique experience, TreeTop NetWorld on the Central Coast is well worth the day trip. Featuring a web of nets slung high in the treetops between colourful treehouses, Networld is fun for the whole family.

NetWorld is part of the TreeTops adventure park at Wyong Creek, in beautiful Ourimbah State Forest. The first thing you see when you drive along the dirt track to NetWorld is giant, colourful inflatable balls bouncing high above you in nets. It’s a surprising sight in the middle of the bush.

NetWorld Central Coast

The first part of the course is the most physically challenging. You will need to climb up a rope ladder onto a series of platforms until you reach the first treehouse. It’s not too high – only a few metres – but you do have to climb.

Networld Treetops

Once you’re up there, you will see the first net bridge leading to the giant inflatable balls. The net bridge is very bouncy, especially if there are adults going across at the same time as children – so take it slowly. On the other side are the inflatable balls and a huge area of nets which go right over the top of the entrance road.

Networld Central Coast

The big balls were so much fun. The kids loved rolling them around and trying to trap their Dad behind them.

Keep an eye on the little kids in this section though – it’s quite easy for them to be bowled over by the balls or squashed between them, especially if there are older kids around.

Networld Treetops

When you’ve had enough fun with the giant balls, you can walk down the next net bridge to another treehouse.

NetWorld Central Coast

Each treehouse has some fun facts to read or little activities for the kids to try, and leads onto another netted area.

Networld Central Coast

There are a variety of different inflatable toys to play with in different netted areas, including big inflatable bowling pins, swinging chairs that look like witches’ hats, and another section with smaller inflatable balls.

Networld Central Coast

This was probably the favourite of the day for my kids (aged 4 and 6). They loved throwing them around and rolling on them.

NetWorld Central Coast

The last netted section is a small ball pit that the kids can hop into and roll around in! This was great fun, but be careful – the pit is deep enough that kids can cover themselves completely with balls and disappear. Don’t jump in, or chances are you’ll land on someone!

NetWorld Central Coast

When you get to the end of the course, you can either head down a net bridge back to the parking lot or go around again. The entrance fee buys you 2 hours, which was more than enough time. It took us about 30 minutes to go around the circuit the first time (stopping for a play in each area). We ended up going around about 3 times. The kids could have kept going but my husband and I were about done by then!

Good to know:

There are a few important things to know about visiting NetWorld:


  • Although kids aged from 1 year are allowed, I think it is better for older kids (preschool and up). It’s like walking around on a trampoline, so it can be tricky to keep your balance, especially if there are older children or adults bouncing nearby.
  • You can’t take anything sharp, hard or loose up into the nets. Jewellery such as wedding rings and watches has to come off and be left behind, along with the car keys. NetWorld has little lock boxes you can use for these things, but it might be best to leave the jewellery at home. Caps are also a problem, so wear a soft wide brim hat or slather yourself in sunscreen and don’t wear a hat.
  • Make sure you wear shorts or pants – skirts aren’t very practical at Networld.
  • Wear enclosed shoes.
  • You will need to be able to climb up the tower at the start, and be prepared to bounce around once you’re up there. If you have any issues with balance, medical issues or if you’re pregnant, it would be best to give it a miss.
  • Kids under 10 must have an adult accompanying them in the nets.
  • Book online before you go to avoid disappointment (numbers are limited), and arrive 15 minutes early.
  • There are portaloos on site, but we didn’t see anywhere to refill drink bottles.
  • There are other activities to do at TreeTops Central Coast, including TreeTops Crazy Rider and TreeTop Adventure Park, but they are separately priced.

Website: Treetops

Cost: At the time of writing, the price is $22 per person (including adults and kids) for Treetops Networld. Check up to date pricing on the website. We checked the Dine & Discover NSW website and unfortunately Treetops is not participating in the NSW Discover program.

Bring: Full drink bottles, snacks and/or lunch, sunscreen, insect repellent, enclosed shoes. There aren’t many options for food and drink, so best to bring your own. There are a few picnic tables to sit at.

Getting There: TreeTops Networld is located at 1 Red Hill Rd, Wyong Creek (cnr Yarramalog Rd), in the Ourimbah State Forest. When you arrive, drive through the first carpark and follow the sign down a further dirt road to NetWorld. Park in the car park at the end of the road if there’s space. There is a separate ticket desk and portaloo for NetWorld next to this carpark.

Disabled Access: No

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