Newcastle TreeTops Adventure Park: Fun, Nature and Thrills for Kids

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Take your kids to TreeTops Adventure Park at Blue Gum Hills in Newcastle. It’s a super fun day out where kids can climb through the trees, cross wobbly obstacles and fly through the tree tops on flying foxes. There is a dedicated course just for children aged 3 to 9. TreeTops Adventure Park is a great activity to get kids out in the beautiful natural surrounds of Blue Gum Hill State Park and build confidence and self-esteem.

From a parent’s point of view, TreeTops Adventure Park is a well-run operation. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and keen to make sure the session runs smoothly. We start by reviewing and signing a waiver before we meet our friendly trainer Emma.

The session begins with equipment. Each child is fitted out with a harness and a helmet that’s properly fitted to them.

TreeTops Adventure Park Kids Training

It’s then onto the training session in which they are provided with instructions on how to clip in their continuous belay safety system which connects them to the line. The instructors refer to them as “koala” as they resemble the marsupial’s head. They also learn about the non-negotiable rules of the course and it is clear that safety is a top concern for Treetops Adventure Park.

The kids start on the easy white course learning how to navigate the course and go on a basic flying fox. Once they’ve mastered the basics, they navigate the course themselves.

TreeTops Adventure Park Kids Gearing Session

There are four separate courses: white, yellow, orange and purple which have progressing levels of difficulty. This enables kids to go at their own pace and proceed as they get more confident and start to push their limits. Kids can complete whatever courses as many times as they like within their session.

Treetops Newcastle

The children’s course is well-designed. It contains similar obstacles as the adult course including suspension bridges, ropes and flying foxes (only much smaller and closer to the ground). If you are concerned about safety, a continuous belay safety system is attached to the child at all times on each course.

Adults can supervise from the ground but aren’t allowed to go onto the children’s course. We did notice that when younger kids needed assistance, staff could climb up and help them especially if they got stuck on a more difficult course.

TreeTops Newcastle Adventure Park Kids

It’s a great course for adventurous kids as they get to channel their inner monkey and climb, swing and fly through the air. However, it’s also a great learning experience for kids who might be more cautious and apprehensive. The kids’ course with its varied levels of difficulties helps kids push past their boundaries in their own time.

TreeTops Adventure Park Kids

It’s a terrific activity to teach independence and problem-solving, With each of the challenges, kids need to figure out how to cross a wobbly log bridge, meander around obstacles and hold on tight as they fly through the air on the flying fox.

tree top adventure newcastle

Being connected via the continuous belay safety system definitely helps in creating a sense of safety. Some kids might prefer to stay on courses where they feel comfortable while others progress as they feel more comfortable and confident.

TreeTops Adventure Park Kids

My daughter was a bit nervous when she first approached the purple course as it poses more of a challenge than the previous courses. However, she took her time and completed the course. Once she mastered it, she went back for more and tried to beat her PB (personal best) time. Completing the course was a great boost to her self-confidence and showed her how she could push her abilities.

TreeTops Adventure Park Kids Climbing

In fact, once kids master the courses, the instructors provide them with challenges to make it even harder like doing the course backwards or hopping on one foot.

My daughter enjoyed the TreeTop Adventure Park so much that she wants to try out the TreeTop Networld and Vertical Challenge on the Central Coast which is open to kids and adults. She also wants to participate in the adult course next year when she turns 10. It’s open to Juniors 10 – 17 who are at least 1.4 metres tall.

If you have younger kids, there is a lot that they can get out of the course. When we there, we spotted kids aged 3 and 4 enjoying Treetop Adventure Park.

tree tops newcastle

It’s also a great team-building activity. You can host your child’s birthday party here. This lets kids celebrate their special day climbing with their friends. Packages include climbing time and outdoor party space hire.

TreeTops Adventure Park Kids Newcastle

TreeTop Adventure Park is located at Blue Gum Hills State Park in Minmi. For more information and to book, visit the Treetops website.

Good to Know

  • The kids’ course is open to kids aged 3 to 10.
  • Kids need fully enclosed shoes (sports shoes recommended) to participate on the course.
  • Leave jewellery at home and tie back long hair.
  • It’s a 2-hour session which consists of 30 minutes for training and gearing and 90 minutes of course time.
  • Arrive at the park with plenty of time, ready to start your session at the booked time as you’ll need to fill in forms and sign waivers.
  • Get kids to use the toilets at Blue Gum Hills State Park before they start.
  • Apply sunscreen/repellant to kids before they start the course. There are mozzies around at this park.
  • Bring water as there are no bubblers at Blue Gum Hills State Park. You can buy water from Treetops if you run out.
  • Bring some snacks to eat in the park afterwards. Kids can work up an appetite from this activity.

Disclosure: Newy with Kids received complimentary admission for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

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