Guess Which Stupid Deaths Are True in This Fun Board Game

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This board game is going to make you shake your head in disbelief. Charles Darwin was right when he talked about natural selection. People die in all kinds of stupid ways, some of which are unbelievable.

Stupid Deaths Board Game

How this game works is that players have to judge on whether a stupid death is real. One player chooses a Stupid Death card and reads it out. Other players have to decide if it’s likely that it was a stupid death or not. They use their coffin cards to select True or False. It’s then announced if it was a real stupid death.

Stupid Deaths Board Game

Players who guess correctly move one space. If there are players who voted incorrectly, the Grim Reaper moves one space for each incorrect answer.  If during the game, the Grim Reaper catches up with a player, they are now “touched by death” and are out of the game unless they have an Extra Life token that they play. The first person to reach the Red space on the board or who is the last player left is the winner.

Stupid Deaths is a funny game as you won’t believe how some people die. There’s plenty of teachable moments to explain to your kids how seemingly stupid actions can have grave consequences (pun totally intended). Having said that, some families might be appalled by the subject of this game and that’s understandable. Each to their own. Families best know the games that are best suited for their kids.

The game states that it’s for kids 12+. However,  if your kids are able to deal with mature subjects, you could play it with kids 9 and older.

For more information about the Stupid Deaths board game, visit the U.Games website. RRP $39.99

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