Nesca Park: Enjoy the Playground, and Parkland

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A modern playground surrounded by BBQ facilities and covered picnic tables and lots of parkland makes Nesca Park a fun place to visit for families.

Nesca Park in The Hill

Located just off Darby Street in The Hill, Nesca Park is a large park with lots of green space and palm trees, perfect for ball games and games of hide and seek.

Nesca Park, The Hill

With picnic and BBQ facilities, I’m sure that this will be a popular spot for family picnics, meetups and birthday parties.

Nesca Park in The Hill

The playground installed in 2018 caters to a range of ages. In addition to the regular swing and baby swing, there’s also the large communal swing which encourages kids to all climb in and have a fun time. This area features foam surface which protects kids if they fall off. There’s also a tiny see saw perfect for little ones.

Nesca Park, The Hill

For kids who love to spin at high speed, check out the red spinner.  Kids can climb inside or cling to the outside while it spins.

There’s also the wooden fort which features a climbing area, a rope bridge and also a slide. It’s a wonderful addition to the playground and is sure to inspire kids imaginations as they “defend” the castle.

As a parent, I appreciated the addition of the covered picnic shelter as well as the benches surrounding the park. It’s definitely a great park to visit on the way to or from Darby Street or Bar Beach.

Nesca Park, The Hill

Address: 2 Nesca Parade, The Hill
Ideal Age: Toddlers, Preschoolers, School Age kids
Public Toilets: Yes near the Petanque area
Water Fountain: Yes
Picnic Facilities: Couple of benches and two covered picnic tables at playground.
BBQ: Yes
Café Nearby: Plenty to choose from on Darby Street, Cooks Hill

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