Celebrate Australia’s Diversity With ‘I’m Australian Too’

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What journeys we have travelled, from countries near and far! Together now, we live in peace, beneath the Southern Star.

Just in time for Harmony Day is the picture book by much-loved Australian author Mem Fox. I’m Australian Too celebrates multicultural Australia and its rich diversity of citizens.

No matter what we look like or where we’re from, Mem Fox reminds us that we’re all Australian with our own story. From an indigenous Australian boy reminding us that his mob has been here forever to a refugee hoping to be granted a visa, the book is filled with different Australians sharing their stories.

Fleeing war, famine and seeking a better life, this book shows why people chose to come to Australia. It’s a timely reminder of the benefits of the earlier waves of Australian migration including immigrants from Ireland, England, Greece, Italy, Europe, Lebanon and Vietnam.

Their stories serve to humanise the immigrant and refugee experience, something that is missing from the current political debate about immigration and what it means to be an Australian.

Focusing on inclusiveness, it sends a powerful message about what it means to be Australian. No matter our family ancestry, culture or religion, we’re all Australians.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh. The book is filled with illustrations of families representing the diversity of the Australian population as well as scenery from around Australia.

It’s a wonderful book to educate kids about Australian history and our multicultural society. Use it to start a conversation with your kids about what it means to be Australian and to stress tolerance and acceptance. Ask them how they would describe their Australian story. As for me, my parents came from India and I was raised in England and Canada but I’m Australian too.

How about you? What’s your Australian story?

For a sneak peek of the book, here’s a read aloud video.

I’m Australian Too is published by Omnibus Book, a division of Scholastic Australia and  is wherever good books are sold. RRP $19.99. Newy with Kids received a review copy.

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