Anzac Books

15 Top Anzac Day Books for Children

It can be difficult to explain to children the significance of Anzac Day in an age-appropriate way. However, there are some beautiful picture books and chapter books available which tell the story of Anzac Day, the ANZACS and the Dawn Service.

Best Kids Book Series

30 Kids Book Series That Your Kids Will Love

Gotta love a kids book series! If your child ends up loving a book, there’s a whole series of books for them to enjoy. Here a selection of amazing Australian and international book series for kids (boys and girls aged 7 to 12).

Books for Toddlers

10 Top Books To Read To Toddlers

Looking for some enjoyable books to read to toddlers? For this age group, pick books that have interesting stories and colourful illustrations to keep a child’s attention. Be sure you choose books for your kids that you won’t mind reading over and over and over again!

Books for Preschoolers

12 Fantastic Books for Preschoolers

These are some of our favourite books to read to a preschooler. At Newy with Kids, we’re partial to an engaging story and fantastic illustrations, all of which these books contain.

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