Download for Free the Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

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Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is a new fill-in-the-blank party game that’s just like the wildly inappropriate Cards Against Humanity card game, but it’s written for kids and adults to play together.

To help families cope with being home, they’ve issued a free beta version of Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition. The reason, in their own words “We wanted to release it as soon as possible, so quarantined families have something to do besides giving more money to the Disney Corporation.”

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is an easy to play party game that should make your family laugh (if you find inappropriate things funny). How the game works is that in each round, one player asks the group a question from a black card, and then everyone answers it with their funniest white card.

To start the game, everyone should wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds and then take ten white cards. The player who most recently pooped begins as the Card Czar and draws a black card. The Card Czar reads the black card out loud. Everyone else then answers the question (or fills in the blank) by passing one white card, face down, to the Card Czar.

The Card Czar then shuffles all the white cards and re-reads the black card out loud with each one. Finally, the Card Czar picks the funniest combination, and whoever played it gets one point.

The game is designed for adults and kids ages 8 and up. They recommend that parents review the cards before they play with your family and remove anything they deem inappropriate or unsuitable as they understand that different kids have different sensitivities.

You can download and print the cards on your own printer. Either download and print the Small Card PDF (20 cards per page – 21 pages in total) or Large Card PDF (9 cards per page – 47 pages in total). You can choose the Low Ink Version if you want to save ink.

To download the Beta version, visit the Cards Against Humanity Family Edition website. The physical version of Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition will be available later this year. Buy it!

If you’ve had enough of all this PG stuff and have older kids, you can download and print Cards Against Humanity. It’s available for free under a Creative Commons license. Download the PDF for rules and printing instructions. Or just order it online, it’s much easier!

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