Tackle the Jumps & Bumps at Tenambit BMX Track

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Have you got a BMX bandit at home? A bike rider who loves jumps and bumps and all the dips? Why not head out to Tenambit BMX Track, on Metford Road at Tenambit, just near East Maitland, for a turn on the track?

Maitland BMX

We stumbled across this well-maintained bike track one Sunday afternoon and it was the perfect way to let the kids burn some energy and feel like they were a part of their own little BMX race! 

BMX Tenambit

The BMX track is part of the Beryl Humble Sporting Complex, which is also home to a large sports field and a playground for the little ones who are too small to ride. 

The track has a proper starting ramp and has a compacted dirt surface.

Maitland BMX

The track has plenty of dips and berms to keep the kids entertained, and you’ll find that they want to ride around and around the course again and again! 

You don’t need a specialty BMX bike to ride the course, any bike will do, but wearing a helmet and a long sleeve shirt and pads if you have them is a great idea, in case of any unexpected spills. 

BMX Tenambit

We set up a picnic under the gum trees and let the kids have a ride, then after refuelling on afternoon tea, we took off on foot, to explore the nearby Earthcare Park.

This beautiful bushland is a 50Ha of Tenambit Common, which is cared for by the local Landcare Group and is right next door to the Beryl Humble Sporting Complex.

The park is home to hundreds of native plants and flowers and a stretch of endangered remnant Spotted Gum and Ironbark forest, right next to the Tenambit wetland. There are a number of walking trails to explore and a bushfood garden and it’s a beautiful way to appreciate the bush and maybe calm the nerves after riding the BMX track! 

The Tenambit BMX Track is maintained by the Maitland BMX Riders and is used for their official training on Tuesday and Friday nights. The track is also used for events so it is definitely worth checking the organisation’s Facebook page to see if there is an event scheduled. Otherwise, it is ride at your own risk, so please keep this in mind in regard to insurance. 

Good to Know

Address: Maitland Tenambit BMX Track, Metford Rd, Tenambit NSW.

Ideal Age: Young school age children to teenagers (and Mums and Dads wanting a turn too!)

Public Toilets: Yes. These are a part of the nearby sports field and are only open during certain times. 

Water Fountain: Yes

Picnic Facilities: There are picnic tables and benches and plenty of shady spots. 

BBQ: No.

Nearby Café: Pick up coffee and snacks from a bunch of lovely cafes and eateries in nearby East Maitland. Our picks? Teale Café on Lawes Street or Vintage on Melbourne, on Melbourne Street, East Maitland. Plenty of fast food, takeaway options nearby also.

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