Best Picnic Spots in Maitland LGA to Meet Up With Friends

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Enjoy a picnic in Maitland LGA! We’ve put together a guide to the best Maitland picnic spots including those with barbecues, playgrounds and amenities. If there are any other picnic spots in Maitland area that you can recommend, let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Maitland Park

Maitland Park Walk

Bring a picnic and head to Maitland Park. It’s an expansive area of parkland encompassing sporting fields, picnic spots, tennis courts, croquet lawns and a swimming centre. It also features the Magic Garden, Maitland Park’s All Abilities Playground. Fully-fenced, this playground enables kids to play while parents keep an eye on them from picnic tables outside the playground. More information about Maitland Park

Maitland Riverside

Maitland Riverside Walk

Enjoy a picnic down by the river in Maitland CBD. With wide paths and views of the Hunter River and far off hills, it’s a scenic spot to enjoy your food and drink. The Riverside area stretches from Hunter Street in Horseshoe Bend to Riverside Car Park and is dotted with picnic tables and seating in which you can sit and enjoy a picnic.

Raworth Park

A popular spot for families, Raworth Park is a great place for a picnic. As well as grass around the playground, it features a shaded and fully-fenced kids playground located right next to Raworth Dog Off-Leash area. Handy if you want a picnic with your kids and dogs. There is an undercover eating area located just outside the fenced playground with two, free gas barbecues and a picnic table. The only downside to Raworth Park, if there is one, is that there is only one, albeit large, picnic table. If you’re considering a picnic lunch here be sure to bring a picnic blanket with you just in case the table has already been taken. More information about Raworth Park

Walka Water Works – CLOSED

Head to Walka Water Works, just outside Maitland for a peaceful picnic. Originally built in 1887 to supply water to Newcastle and the Lower Hunter Valley, the area has since been restored and preserved and is now registered with the New South Wales State Heritage Register. Bring a picnic and enjoy the park. It features barbecues, picnic tables, shade and plenty of green space. There are also walking trails located throughout the park.  The Bush Trail is known for its expansive views and The Kangaroo Trail is where, you guessed it, you are most likely to see a mob of kangaroos.  More information about Walka Water WorksFebruary 2022 Update: Maitland City Council has identified the presence of asbestos at some parts of the site, most likely associated with the site’s historical use as a power station. As a precaution, the entire Walka Water Works site HAS BEEN CLOSED to the public until further notice.

Morpeth Common

Morpeth Common

For a picnic surrounded by nature, head to beautiful Ray Lawler Reserve also known as Morpeth Common. It’s a sprawling green space that begins with a fenced-off park and picnic benches, great for meeting with friends or family out in the countryside. The water next to the play area is also fenced off, which gives parents a bit more security with little ones around the water. This reserve is a large inviting green space that is simply perfect for a walk after your picnic. There are horses, ducks and cows spread all around. More information about Morpeth Common

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