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Attending a baby or toddler class with your little one can be one of the most enjoyable activities to do with them in their early years. In addition to all the benefits they receive from the class, they also get the opportunity to socialise with little ones their own age, you get to leave the house for a while and, quite often, the friendships formed between both the parents and carers and their children, continue long after the children have outgrown the class. There are a lot of fun activities you can do with your child, depending on your interests. Here is a list of baby and toddler classes in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter.

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Creative Play for Under 5’s at MAP mima

Location: Speers Point Park
Age(s): 0-5
Website: MAP mima Play

Young children and their carers can enjoy some creative play time together including art, music, stories, song and dance. The program changes each month. Come and enjoy a morning of fun hands-on activities. It’s a great way to meet other parents. Suitable for ages five and under. Held the last Tuesday of each month, February to November. Sessions held from 10-10.45am and 11.15am-12noon. This is a free activity but bookings are essential. All attending adults and children require a ticket. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Book via the MAP mima website.

Hive Creative Studios

Location: Charlestown
Age(s): Bee-School (3 – 6)
Website: Hive Creative Studios

Hive’s Bee-School program is really something unique in terms of early childhood education. With a primary focus on the creative arts, their aim is to nurture creative thinking and develop talent in Art, Musicianship and Performance. Hive Creative Studios offer half-day programs for children aged 3-6 yrs to engage in a variety of projects and activities in Art, Design, Drama, Music, Dance, Musical Theatre, Creative Science and their popular ‘Brain Buzz’ program is designed to gear preschoolers into becoming creative thinkers in preparation for their formative school years.


Attitude Dance Centre

Location: East Maitland
Age(s): Mummy & Me (2+), Beat Babies (3 – 5)
Website: Attitude Dance Centre

Mummy & Me classes focus on developing gross motor skills with weekly themes & props to stimulate learning. Parents are welcome to assist students within these classes as much or as little as required by the dancer. When the dancer is confident, parents are able to sit back and watch their child’s love of dance grow. Beat Babies is an introduction to dance for children aged 3-5 years old. It combines different styles of dance including jazz, tap and ballet.

Australian Dance & Talent Centre

Location: Cardiff
Age(s): Tiny Tots (up to 6)
Website: Australian Dance & Talent Centre

The teachers at the Australian Dance & Talent Centre are early childhood specialists who have devised programmes full of imagination, sensory play & positive reinforcement. Their philosophy is ‘Entertain & Educate’. They transport their students into a world of make believe and discovery, which makes learning the performing arts an adventure! Each term, they theme all preschool programmes with a new and exciting land to discover.

Baby Ballet School

Location: Shortland
Age(s): Ballet (2 – 3), Jazz (2 – 5), Ballet (4 – 5)
Website: Baby Ballet School

Baby Ballet School gives your child the very best in dance education with qualified staff and a professional studio atmosphere, creating solid foundations for your little one’s dance journey. The specially designed program has been created to assist children find their feet, develop coordination and discover their love of dance. The Baby Ballet School magical pre-school dance program incorporates elements of the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary Syllabus and students are trained by Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teachers.

Beats Dance Studio

Location: Fletcher, Mayfield, Merewether, Stockton
Age(s): All ages
Website: Beats Dance Studio

Beats Dance Studio offer a range of classes for babies and toddlers across their 4 locations. Mums & Bubs, Baby Groovers Jazz, Baby Groovers Tap, Youngsters Jazz and Youngsters Tap.

Bella Ballerinas

Location: Stockton
Age(s): 2+
Website: Bella Ballerinas

Bella Ballerinas is Stockton’s very own dance studio – specialising in Tiny Tots, RAD Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and Acro. Classes for children of all ages from Tiny Treasures up.

Belmont Dance Centre

Location: Belmont
Age(s): 2+
Website: Belmont Dance Centre

Belmont Dance Centre offer Mummy + Me classes for ages 2+ as well as Tiny Tots Ballet and Jazz.

Bodyrock Dance Studio

Location: Dudley
Age(s): Tiny Twisters Jazz (3 – 5)
Website: Bodyrock Dance Studio

Bodyrock Dance Studio offer Tiny Twisters Jazz classes for 3-5 year olds at Dudley Pensioner Hall on a Thursday afternoon from 4-4.30pm.

Breakaway Dancers

Location: Charlestown
Age(s): 3 – 6
Website: Breakaway Dancers

The fun, creative and energetic Ballet, Jazz & Tap class at Breakaway Dancers is the perfect class for your little one and an excellent start for their journey to independence. They can learn correct dance techniques for a variety of fun dance styles with a professional and experienced teacher.

The Collective Dance Academy

Location: Salamander Bay
Age(s): Mini Movers (2 – 3)
Website: The Collective Dance Academy

A wonderful introduction to the world of dance for 2-3 year olds. The Collective Dance Academy’s specialised Mini Movement Program caters for girls and boys and teaches the basic foundation for rhythm and movement. Classes are fun and engaging with different themes and props and incorporate a variety of dance styles in one class.    

Dance Extreme

Location: Raymond Terrace
Age(s): Tiny Tots (2 – 4)
Website: Dance Extreme

A Tiny Tots class is designed to let children have fun with music and help develop co-ordination skills. Also great for gross motor skills, stimulation and social interaction while developing the ability to follow instructions and gain confidence. Students learn basic ballet and at the end of the lesson they learn a groovy jazz dance.

East Maitland Academy of Dance

Location: Morpeth
Age(s): Baby Ballet & Jazz (2 – 3), Pre-School in Dance (4)
Website: East Maitland Academy of Dance

Baby Ballet and Jazz is an exciting lesson for those budding baby ballerinas (turning 3 the same year) combining music and movements of ballet and jazz. Pre-School in Dance (for children who have turned 4) is an exciting Royal Academy of Dance curriculum which introduces little dancers to dance via specific learning outcomes that use their skills and sense of adventure at this age.

Heidi’s School of Dance

Location: Newcastle
Age(s): Tiny Tots (3+)
Website: Heidi’s School of Dance

Heidi’s School of Dance welcomes students from the age of three with their specifically designed ‘Tiny Tots’ classes for pre-school aged children who love to dance. Tiny Tots classes are held throughout the week with morning and afternoon options available. Heidi’s School of Dance Tiny Tots classes offer a creative introduction to dance for girls and boys, with a mix of ballet, jazz and movement exercises in a 45-minute class, jam-packed with fun and excitement. 

Hunter Valley Dance Centre

Location: East Maitland
Age(s): Storybook Dance & Beginner/Pre-Junior
Website: Hunter Valley Dance Centre

Storybook Dance themed dance classes are for young children and their carers. The students will explore emotions, ideas and themes through dance based on a storybook, accompanied by props and music. Each story will be over a 3–4 week period and is based on magical moments from Fairy tales, magical musicals and TV animation. Dance skills will be introduced throughout this using Jazz and Ballet. Carers will have the opportunity to join in with their child. The Beginner/Pre-Junior level has a mix of Jazz, Skills Development and Contemporary elements and aims to give the younger students a chance to learn skills across these styles. Hunter Valley Dance Centre aim to create an environment where students actively learn but are also encouraged to be creative and have fun. 

HVT School of Performing Arts

Location: East Maitland
Age(s): Ready Set Dance Lvl 1 (2 – 3), Ready Set Dance Lvl 2 (4 – 5), Leaps and Bounds Acro (toddler), Leaps and Bounds Ballet (toddler)
Website: HVT School of Performing Arts

Ready Set Dance is a one hour combo class jam packed with fun running in two levels, Level 1 (age 2-3) & Level 2 (age 4-5). Both classes include hip hop, tap, jazz, singing, music and much more. Classes are specifically designed for boys and girls and focus on introducing them to basic dancing skills, developing their co-ordination, rhythm skills, social skills and musicality. In the 30 minute Leaps n Bounds Toddler Ballet class HVT introduce the basics of ballet in a fun and interactive way, implementing props and imagination games that start to encourage their ballet skills such as pointing feet, tippy toes and co-ordination. Leaps n Bounds Toddler Acro is a 30 minute class that aids in the development of gross motor skills – jumping, running, balancing and also incorporates stretching and introducing children to tumbling. They’ll have lots of fun whilst increasing strength, coordination and fitness.

Just Dance-It

Location: Boolaroo, Hamilton & Maryland
Age(s): Young Stars (2 – 5)
Website: Just Dance-It

Offering Ready Set Dance – Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Singing all in one lesson that is fresh, current and appeals to boys and girls. Original music as seen on Nick Jr. Just Dance-It classes operate in professional, safe, established studios.


Location: Belmont & Kurri
Age(s): Tippy Toes (2 – 5)

Tippy Toes is a 30-minute introductory dance class for 2-5 year olds containing Ballet and Jazz. Young dancers will learn the basic steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. Engaging music is used to get your little ones inspired to dance. Right from the beginning we focus on your child’s coordination, listening skills, musical awareness and developing imagination. The use of props, such as twinkle bears and hula hoops, enables young dancers to use their imagination, creativity and most of all, have fun!

Lake Macquarie Dance Centre

Location: Carey Bay
Age(s): 2-5
Website: Lake Macquarie Dance Centre

Lake Macquarie Dance Centre can introduce your child to the joy of dance. At LMDC, the Dance Ballerinas program is based on delightful stories in each term to develop imagination, listening skills and coordination. You will see their confidence soar as they dance with beautiful fairy wands, butterfly wings and scarves to inspiring music.

Maxi Jazz Dance Studio

Location: Wallsend
Age(s): Tiny Twirlers (2 – 3), Petite Feet (3 – 4)
Website: Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio

Tiny Twirlers dance classes are 30 minutes of creative movement and engaging lessons. Maxi-Jazz focus on teaching fundamental movement skills through games and activities, engaging your child’s imagination and developing sensory perceptions. Tiny Twirlers love exploring different themes each term such as animals, under the sea, and transportation! Petite Feet is a holistic program designed for 3-5 year olds that incorporates the social and emotional well-being of children including sharing, taking turns, listening, making friends, feeling safe and supported, praise and encouragement, gross motor skills, spacial awareness, separation, creativity, musicality and the dance foundations.

Newcastle Dance Academy

Location: Broadmeadow
Age(s): Little Bear Feet (18m+), Melody Movement (2 – 4), Milligan Bears (2 – 4 boys), First Steps Ballet (4 – 5)
Website: Newcastle Dance Academy

Newcastle Dance Academy offer Bubbarinas – a preschool dance program specially designed for your little one. Melody Bear is the focal point of Newcastle Dance Academy’s early years syllabi and her imaginative stories, music, songs and picture cards create an inspirational world of dance and movement. The non-competitive syllabi and award schemes motivate, delight and inspire the young dancers as they advance from Little Bear Feet classes to the Junior Ballet levels, allowing every child to achieve and shine.

Planet Dance

Location: Windella
Age(s): Baby Ballerinas (2-4)
Website: Planet Dance

With 23 years experience in the industry, Planet Dance understands how to bring out the best in your child. At Planet Dance, the focus is on the development of sound techniques for each individual. Baby Ballerinas is a fun and creative dance class for little ones, with themes, props and beautiful music.

Robyn Yvette Dance Centre

Location: Taylors Beach
Age(s): Twinkle Tots (2.5-3.5) & Twinkle Toes (3.5-4)
Website: Robyn Yvette Dance Centre

The Robyn Yvette Dance Centre has created a very special programme for preschoolers. These classes are a must for the eager little ballerinas and dancers who just want to move and have fun. Beautiful stories are interwoven into the fun movements and basic steps to stimulate and help co-ordination skills for little ones with energy to burn. As well as movements, musical instruments and hand props such as wands and scarves are introduced to make the whole dance experience lots of fun. A beautiful starting point for your little dance, mover and groover.

Sloan’s Dance Academy

Location: Cessnock
Age(s): Tiny Tots (3+)
Website: Sloan’s Dance Academy

Sloan’s Dance Academy, located at Cessnock, welcome students from the ages 3+, beginning with their Tiny Tots class.

Studi-O Dance School

Location: Gateshead, Valentine
Age(s): Little Cherubs (2-3), Baby Ballerinas (3-5)
Website: Studi-O Dance School

For 2 to 3 year olds, Studi-O Dance School operates the ‘Little Cherubs’ class, where parents and carers can join in and help their little dancers with their first dance steps. At 3 years, or when they are ready, they graduate to the Baby Ballerinas & Co class, where parents watch and clap. Baby Ballerinas guide 3 to 5 year olds through creative and positive use of imagery. At Baby Ballerinas & Co, your child will learn ballet technique in a creative, caring and fun way. Classes include themed activities and incentives, combined with the unique Baby Ballerinas teaching program.

Studio 2324

Location: Raymond Terrace
Age(s): Ready Set Dance Lvl 1 (2-3), Ready Set Dance Lvl 2 (4+)
Website: Studio 2324

Ready Set Dance is a one hour combo class for preschoolers that includes jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of fun for girls and boys.

Tiny Tutus

Location: Charlestown
Age(s): Teeny Tiny Tutus (16-30m), Tiny Tutus Tots (2.5-3), Tiny Tutus Pre-Ballet (3-4), Tiny Tutus Ballet (4-5), Tiny Tutus Princes
Website: Tiny Tutus

Offering classes from Teeny Tiny Tutus for children as young as 16 months all the way up to Tiny Tutus Elementary for children up to 8 years of age, Tiny Tutus preschool ballet classes are beautiful, developmentally appropriate beginner ballet programs that teach the basic concepts of classical ballet, movement, music appreciation, rhythm and poise.

TMP Dance Studios

Location: Caves Beach
Age(s): Mums and Bubs (18m – 3), Preschool Dance (3 – 4)
Website: TMP Dance Studios

Your little Princess or Hero will shine in a TMP Dance Studios Mums & Bubs program. Enjoy a special 30 minutes of fun and dancing with your little one, where mums and bubs embrace the early stages of dance together. This is a fabulous way for mums to also connect with other mums who have children of a similar age. Preschool classes are for students 3 and 4 years of age wanting to learn an introduction to dance in a magical and nurturing environment. These classes are designed for your child to enjoy with other children and the dedicated and qualified staff. Morning and afternoon preschool classes run for 45 minutes and are ballet based with some fun jazz variations.

United Dance

Location: Maitland & Raymond Terrace
Age(s): Baby Boppers (18m – 3), Ballet (3 – 5), Jazz (3 – 5), Tap (3 – 5), Tumble Tots (3-5)
Website: United Dance

Baby Boppers – Kick start your child’s social development and cognitive skills with an exclusive half an hour dance class designed for boys and girls aged between 18 months to 3 years old. Munchkin Magic – United Dance teachers are early childhood specialists who have devised programmes full of imagination, sensory play and positive reinforcement. Every few weeks, they theme all preschool programmes with a new and exciting land to discover.


Location: Cooks Hill
Age(s): Y-KinderDance (3 – 5)
Website: YWCA

Y-KinderDance is a fun, upbeat dance class combined with a modified gym circuit. It is a structured pre-school program that provides children with a joy for movement, body awareness, improved coordination and gross motor skills, all the physical skills essential for healthy brain and body development.


Attitude Dance Centre

Location: East Maitland
Age(s): Cheer Babies (3 – 5)
Website: Attitude Dance Centre

Cheer Babies offers students aged 3-5 years the opportunity to safely develop basic cheerleading skills at an age appropriate level and activities. Students learn basic tumble skills as well as jump techniques, stunts & Dance. 


Location: Rutherford & Thornton
Age(s): Kinder Tots (1.5 – 3) & Kinder Rec (4 – 5)
Website: Gymnastics21

Kinder Tots is a movement-based learning experience for young children and their caregivers. Incorporating games and play into their program ensures your child stays engaged and is learning without them even knowing! Kinder Rec is the transition class between Gaymnastics21’s Kinder Tots and Rec Gym program. Here, parents are encouraged to step back from assisting their child during class time for more independent learning.

Hunter Sports Centre

Location: Glendale
Age(s): Kindergym (18m – 5y)
Website: Hunter Sports Centre

Kindergym is one of the most unique programs and includes involvement of both the child and their adult caregiver. Kindergym provides a safe and exciting indoor adventure playground that stimulates the child’s mind and body through playful physical activities. Not only will your child learn to enjoy exercise and movement they will also develop coordination, gross motor skills, balance and body awareness at the same time as making new friends. Each class runs for 1 hour and is broken into 3 key areas, Exploration, Participation and Activity.

Just Dance-It

Location: Maryland
Age(s): Little Monkeys Circus Classes (2 – 5)
Website: Just Dance-It

Little Monkeys Circus Classes are super fun for pre-schoolers 2-5 years of age. Watch your little one gain confidence and learn new skills. Classes include basic tumbling, interactive circuits, balance beams, silks, juggling, hula hoops and more all under the supervision of our fully qualified teachers.

Maxi Jazz Dance Studio

Location: Wallsend
Age(s): Little Monkeys Circus Classes (2 – 6)
Website: Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio

Little Monkeys Circus Classes are super fun for pre-schoolers 2-6 years of age. Watch your little one gain confidence and learn new skills. Each class includes basic tumbling, interactive circuits, balance beams, silks, juggling, hula hoops, and more all under the supervision of fully qualified teachers.

Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC)

Location: Bennetts Green, Broadmeadow, Cessnock, Nelson Bay, Raymond Terrace, Maitland
Age(s): Kindergym (1.5 – 3) & Junior Gymnastics (3.5 – 5)
Website: PCYC

This parent/adult assisted class is designed to give your little one a head start in life! With a focus on learning through play, each lesson will use colours, sounds and other stimulation to help your child develop their body control and strengthen brain connections through balance, sensory stimulation, tactile experience and coordination exercises. Children will learn to roll, climb, jump and swing all while having fun and socializing with parents and other children. Junior gym is a program suitable for preschool and kindergarten aged children, bridging the gap between Kindergym and GymStar. Junior Gym offers more structure than the Kindergym program with teaching methods and activities specifically targeted to suit the developmental and cognitive needs of this age group, whilst increasing self-confidence in an independent learning opportunity.


Location: Cooks Hill
Age(s): Y-Kindergym (1 – 5)
Website: YWCA

Y-KinderGym is a fun introduction to gymnastics in a safe indoor playground. Under their adult caregivers supervision, children enjoy a circuit style class with trampoline, balance beam and various gym equipment. The program helps children to maximise their learning potential, develop gross motor skills for healthy brain and body development.


The Conservatorium Early Childhood Music Program

Location: Newcastle
Age(s): 0 – 5
Website: The Conservatorium

The Early Childhood music program at The Conservatorium provides children with opportunities to discover and develop a love and understanding of music. Children develop vocal, instrumental, aural and musical discrimination skills, through the use of enjoyable games, songs, moving, creating, listening and playing activities. Participation in a developmental music program during a child’s early years enhances listening skills, concentration and academic ability, as well as social skills and self confidence. Lessons for children aged five and under are held in the mornings, Monday to Thursday.

Dani’s Music Studio

Location: Medowie
Age(s): Bubs Musik Makers (6m – 2y), Little Musik Makers (18m – 4y)
Website: Dani’s Music Studio

Dani is a passionate Early Childhood Music Educator and Piano Teacher with over 10 years experience running her private music studio. In her Musik Makers classes children learn to appreciate music by listening to different genres, moving to music, singing, playing a variety of both tuned and untuned percussion instruments and enjoy story time as well as musical games and activities.

Julie Logan Music

Location: Hamilton & New Lambton
Age(s): Babies (0 – 12m), Tiny Tots (1 – 2y), Toddlers (2 – 3y) & Family Fun (0 – 5y)
Website: Julie Logan Music

Julie Logan Music offers unique Kodaly-based music programs where babies and children are guided by teachers who have specialised in extensive post-graduate study in Early Childhood Music Education. Relish this special time together and lay the foundation for all future learning. All the group teachers are parents themselves and understand sleep times change a lot at this stage, so you can move between classes as needed. Share magical moments singing, cuddling and dancing together in the babies class, laugh and bounce along to the physical and verbal challenges layer of the tiny tots class and watch your child jump, jiggle, giggle and learn in the toddler class. Julie Logan Music also offer Family Fun Classes, for all kids in the family 0-5. Take home resources are included. Classes are 45 minutes in duration.

Hive Creative Studios

Location: Charlestown
Age(s): Kindermusik Toddlers (1yo) & Kindermusik Toddlers (2yo)
Website: Hive Creative Studios

Kindermusik is an award winning, research based program proven to increase the language, social and cognitive skills of your child and is presented by staff trained in early childhood development. Kindermusik focuses on different musical concepts, genres and styles and helps foster a lifelong love and appreciation of music through music-and-movement activities designed to encourage multisensory learning , which employs and integrates several senses at once, stimulating multiple areas of the brain. Their focused music classes suit all learning styles from the introverted observer to the expressive active learner.

National Music Academy

Location: Newcastle West
Age(s): 3 – 6
Website: National Music Academy

Mini Musicians 1 is a 40-week program designed to be a positive, creative and exploratory introduction to music for three- to five-year-olds in a small group setting. The program explores pitch, rhythm, instrumental technique, music theory, listening skills, introduction to music reading and improvisation. Following on from Mini Musicians 1, the second-year Mini Musicians 2 course is another 40-week program to prepare four to six year olds for more traditional one on one lessons. Still incorporating pitch, rhythm, music theory and reading, this course also starts to include piano playing.

Play & Learn

A Place for Play

Location: Dudley
Age(s): Baby (up to 12 months) and Toddler (1 – 2)
Website: A Place for Play

A qualified Early Childhood teacher, Jacqui Grant has launched RIE inspired parent and baby classes. RIE stands for Resources for Infant Educarers and was founded in Los Angeles, California by Hungarian infant specialist Magda Gerber in 1973. Parent and baby classes are held weekly at Jacqui’s home studio in Dudley. It’s a warm inviting space and safe for babies to navigate. The studio is set up with a free-flowing indoor and outdoor space for your baby to explore the environment and socialise with other babies. Small class sizes allow for a personalised approach for both the parent and their baby – classes are capped at 6 families. Classes run for one term with a one and a half-hour weekly class. There are classes for both non-mobile and mobile babies.

Baby Sensory

Location: Warabrook
Age(s): Babies (0 – 13m)
Website: Baby Sensory

The multi-award winning Baby Sensory Baby Development classes are held weekly at the Warabrook Community Centre and include a wealth of rich sensory experiences that will delight both you and your baby. No class is ever the same! Activities include every possible sensory experience from sign language, light shows, rainbows, bubbles, bells, massage, music and a whole lot more! All activities are accompanied by fun upbeat music, some of which is original to Baby Sensory. Each class is split into 3 sections which is vital for babies attention spans. The exploratory play area is different every week and is a great opportunity for babies to have free play time, for families to meet other families with babies of similar ages and a break from class time so the babies are not over stimulated. Classes are 45 minutes in duration.


Location: Maitland, Newcastle & Warners Bay
Age(s): Baby (up to 12 months) and Toddler (1 – 2)
Website: Gymbaroo website

Gymbaroo is a motor-sensory program for children from 6 weeks to 8 years of age. Parents attend with their children once per week during school terms. Activities include aerobic exercises, massage, small equipment, strength exercises, vestibular activity, eye tracking, dance, parachute, music plus purpose built child sized gym equipment for climbing or rocking, rolling and sliding for babies Fees include free downloads of Gymbaroo music used in class, weekly Neuro information sheets for parents and weekly emails with home activities to consolidate the learning. Babies not yet walking are entitled to a FREE lesson. The venue is air-conditioned with ample parking. Play Sessions are run during all school holidays.

Hive Creative Studios

Location: Charlestown
Age(s): Newborns/Early Crawlers (0 – 8m), Confident Crawlers/New Walkers (9 – 15m), Confident Walkers (12 – 24m) & Little Learners (24 – 36m)
Website: Hive Creative Studios

The highly trained and talented staff at Hive Creative Studios host a vibrant gathering time, Creative Play, with a focus on language and literacy through books, rhymes and songs and using instruments, group sensory play and movement to meet in joyful learning. Creative sensory and messy play is offered alongside opportunities to climb, balance, swing and build, all in a beautiful, safe and accepting environment with the highest quality equipment. Afterwards, during your rotating playtime, you can make those essential connections with other parents over barista made coffee and hot drinks (yes the coffee is good and delivered to the classroom!). Classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Infant Massage Newcastle with Rochelle Dorman

Location: The Junction
Age(s): Baby (up to 12 months)
Website: Infant Massage Newcastle

The First Touch Program is a 5-week cue-based infant massage program supporting the connection between parent and baby. The course is baby-led and parents learn massage and nurturing touch techniques, new songs and how to adapt massage as baby grows. There is time for discussion on relevant topics and to enjoy morning tea with other new parents in a relaxed and intimate environment. Participants receive organic massage oil, handouts and home-cooked morning tea.

Lake Mac Libraries

Location: Various Locations
Age(s): 0-5
Website: Lake Mac Libraries

For little ones Lake Mac Libraries offers the following fun and educational activities: Babies into Books (0-1), Books & Babies (0-1), Read & Rhyme Time (1-3) and Storytime (3-5). Check their website for locations and days/times.

Little Explorers at Home – Messy Play

Location: Phoenix Park Farm, Morpeth
Age(s): 2-5
Website: Phoenix Park Farm

Jess from Little Explorers At Home has a passion for teaching and has a background in Early Childhood & School Aged Education. Jess is a mum to a beautiful girl and juggles part time work alongside her small business. The first years of a child’s life are so important for building relationships, exploring the world around them and how to become confident in their learning and development. Little Explorers was created to help families teach their little explorers to be independent and involve themselves in play-based learning. Phoenix Park Farm’s messy play sessions will give families the opportunity to get involved and allow their children the freedom to explore, investigate and learn during a sensory based experience. All sessions will be able to be enjoyed without the worry of harsh chemicals as their messy play comes from food based products so its taste safe for those curious minds. Each week they will explore a different theme and you will have the option to purchase a mini sensory pack to take home and further explore.

Maitland Libraries – Baby Book Club & Storytime

Location: All Maitland Library branches
Age(s): 0-2 (Baby Book Club), 2-5 (Storytime)
Website: Maitland City Library

Baby Book Club is a fun program of stories, songs and rhymes for your little ones, suitable for ages 0 to 2 years. Developing language skills in young children is important to their growth, well being and success in future years.  Give your baby the best start in life by learning how to share reading and language with them at Baby Book Club. The free sessions run weekly at every library branch and include stories, songs, rhymes and finger play through the use of board books, puppets and musical instruments. Reading tips and advice on the best resources are provided by Library staff.

Storytime sessions are run at every Maitland Library branch and are suitable for kids aged 2-5 years. Storytime is a free weekly program of stories, rhymes and songs that encourages a love of reading and helps eager young minds develop a range of important skills such as language development, counting, imagination, concentration, creativity and listening. No booking is required.

Newcastle Libraries – Rock N Rhyme, Story Stomp & Rainbow Families

Location: Various
Age(s): 0+
Website: Newcastle Libraries

For little ones aged 0-3 Newcastle Libraries offer Rock N Rhyme, online and at their various Newcastle branches. For kids 3-5 there is Story Stomp – Stomp your way through a fun-filled session of stories, songs, and craft developed to stimulate and grow little minds. Replacing Newcastle Libraries popular in-person sessions, they also now have an online glitter-filled Rainbow Families Storytime extravaganza with Newcastle’s own Timberlina! Families are invited to join in the all singing, dancing, and storytelling fun, celebrating our city’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Port Stephens Libraries – Read & Rhyme and Storytime & Craft

Location: Raymond Terrace & Tomaree Libraries
Age(s): Read & Rhyme (0-2), Storytime & Craft (2-5)
Website: Newcastle Libraries

Read & Rhyme is a free weekly program providing an introduction to books, music and rhymes for carers and their babies ages 0 to 2, held 10.30am every Wednesday in the school term.

Storytime & Craft is a free weekly program providing an introduction to the magic of books and reading for children ages 2 to 5 years, held 10.30am every Tuesday in the school term.

Vital Babies

Location: The Junction
Age(s): Baby (up to 12 months)
Website: Vital Babies

The Vital Babies Program is a relaxed group of new mums and their babies connecting and sharing this new life experience with the support of 4 inspirational health professionals. With the topics Sleep, Movement, Play and Nutrition, they aim to give you the knowledge and skills to positively influence and nurture your baby’s growth and development. The four-week program for babies 0-6 months, on Wednesdays from 10.30am-12 noon, includes a nutritious and yummy morning tea.


Newcastle Libraries

Location: Online
Age(s): Little Bang Discovery Club (4 – 8)
Website: Newcastle Libraries

A hugely popular, fun-filled 4-session science program hosted by Newcastle Libraries is now available online! Young children are already great scientists without even knowing it. This hands-on program combines everyday objects and experiences with genuine scientific enquiry methods that children and their accompanying adults will thoroughly enjoy. A different program is presented in each of the sessions. A parent or carer is required to participate with the children in these sessions.

Sports & Fitness

Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Location: Charlestown, Maitland, Newcastle
Age(s): 3+
Website: Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The Gracie Barra Kids Program was created to provide children with an environment that allows them to experience and understand core values like focus, discipline, persistence, cooperation and respect. Their Kids Program begins at Little Champions, for ages 3-6.

Healthy Youngsters Healthy Dads

Location: Newcastle University
Age(s): 3-5 years
Website: Healthy Youngsters Healthy Dads

Healthy Youngsters, Healthy Dads (HYHD) is an evidenced-based program which improves the healthy lifestyle behaviours of fathers and their pre-school aged children. HYHD provides fathers with the knowledge, motivation and parenting strategies to engage with their children and become role models to improve physical activity levels, dietary behaviours and weight status of both themselves and their children. The program involves 8 weekly 75 minute sessions, usually run on Saturday mornings.

Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre

Location: Green Hills, Morisset, Redhead, Waratah, Warners Bay
Age(s): 1.5+
Website: Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre

Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre have a diverse range of programs aimed at providing students with the best possible outcome. For younger children they offer Kinder Kicks (for 1.5-3 year olds) and Minimites (for 3-4 year olds). Kinder Kicks is a program developed for parents and children to exercise, learn and play with a martial arts foundation. Children develop perseverance, self-control, courage and respect through a fun fitness curriculum with their parents.

Little Kickers

Location: Various sites across Newcastle & Maitland
Age(s): 18m+
Website: Little Kickers

Little Kickers gives your children a positive introduction to sport by teaching high-quality football (soccer) skills in a friendly, pressure-free environment. There are four different classes tailored specifically to the needs of children between 18 months and seven years of age. It’s the perfect way to ignite an enthusiasm for sport that will stay with them for life.

Newcastle Karate

Location: Cardiff
Age(s): 3+
Website: Newcastle Karate

Newcastle Karate is an All-In-One Martial Arts School for the whole family. For toddlers they offer Kinder Ninjas for ages 3-4.

Ninja Parc

Location: Cooks Hill
Age(s): Mini Ninjas (3 – 6)
Website: Ninja Parc

In a Mini Ninja class at Ninja Parc your little one will discover and build key social, physical, and cognitive skills like hand and eye coordination, and balance and stability, in an encouraging and, most importantly, fun environment. Mini Ninjas classes are led by specially trained Ninja Parc coaches.

Pollets Martial Arts Centre

Location: Adamstown, Edeworth, Medowie, Valentine
Age(s): Little Tigers Program (2 – 6)
Website: Pollets Martial Arts Centre

Pollet’s Martial Arts Centre runs Little Tigers kids’ karate classes 5 days a week, Monday – Friday 4:00pm to 4:30pm. The skills taught to children in Karate permeates throughout their day to day lives. They will be more focused, disciplined, alert and have a better overall attitude.

Soccajoeys Newcastle

Location: Kahibah
Age(s): Minis (2.5 – 3) & Preschool (3-5)+
Website: Soccajoeys

Soccajoeys is Australia’s most popular kids’ soccer classes for children aged 2.5 to 11 years. Soccajoeys run toddler, preschool and junior soccer programs during the school term and in school holidays. They run them out of sports centres for preschoolers, 7 days a week, as well as daycare centres and through school programs.

The Movement Collective Kids

Location: Waratah
Age(s): Toddler (1 – 2)
Website: The Movement Collective Kids

TMC KIDS offers classes from toddlers to teens. Your kids will learn to build skills and movement patterns in every lesson. Their lessons incorporate Gymnastics strength, dance, parkour and important fundamental movement skills with plenty of games to keep it fun and exciting! The program is not only designed to help with your child’s physical health but also their social and emotional wellbeing. The focus is on building strength, flexibility/mobility, balance, body and spatial awareness.


That Yoga Place

Location: Maitland
Age(s): 0+
Website: That Yoga Place

Located in Maitland Mall, That Yoga Place runs Parents & Bubs Classes (no age limit) and Yoga4Kids classes for ages 2-5. Their classes give your child tools, such as deep breathing or various poses from yoga, to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Wild Child and Co

Location: Newcastle West
Age(s): TBA
Website: Wild Child and Co

The intention of a Wild Child and Co children’s class is to encourage children to learn to be their true and awesome selves on and off the mat. Sessions are offered in small groups with maximum of 6/8 children per program. They also offer private Yoga Therapy for children, siblings & families. Reach out to Sarah through the Wild Child and Co website for more information on finding a class to suit you and your baby/toddler.


Location: Newcastle
Age(s): Baby (up to 12 months)
Website: YogaBodyWorks

These classes focus on yoga postures specifically designed for the postnatal months by helping your body regain strength and tone in a safe and effective way. It is also a great opportunity to introduce babies to yoga, promote mother and baby bonding, and share time with other new mums.

Yoga for mama

Location: Adamstown, Blacksmiths, Charlestown, Hamilton East, Newcastle, Warners Bay
Age(s): Toddlers up to 3 years
Website: Yogaformama

Yoga for mama offer pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga, mums and bubs yoga at various locations in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region.

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