Whitebridge Park: Fully Fenced & Lots of Fun!

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If you’re looking for a fully-fenced playground with lots of play equipment, visit Harold Wesley Knight Park (also known as Whitebridge Park). In addition to the original playground, additional play equipment was added in 2021 making it even more fun for kids.

Whitebridge Park

The original playground equipment that many kids know and love is still there, but Lake Macquarie Council added another playground, some exciting equipment and a covered shelter for picnics.

Whitebridge Playground

The main structure of the new playground is best suited to older children, and includes two slides, a fireman’s pole and multiple rope climbing bridges and ladders.

Whitebridge Park

There is also a new roundabout for spinning, and a snazzy new seesaw for bouncing fun.

Whitebridge Park

Younger kids haven’t been forgotten, with a colourful musical pipe feature and a cute cubby house.

Rounding out the renovations is a new multi-directional nest swing.

Make sure you hold onto your hats – it can spin, swing and go in circles!

Whitebridge Park

The original playground is also still within the grounds and is probably better suited to younger kids. It boasts a curly red slide, which is a big favourite in our family and great fun to roll a ball down!

Whitebridge Park

There are multiple options to access the slide platform, which make it suitable for different age groups – sturdy stairs with hand rails for younger kids; a more challenging rope climbing option for older children; and some wobbly rope stepping stones for adventurous older kids who love a climbing challenge! (Best to keep an eye on the toddlers when climbing up though, because the platform is open at the sides.)

Whitebridge Park

Other features of the original playground include a rock-climbing wall for older kids and sturdy stepping stones for balancing on, and jumping between. There is also another colourful musical pipe feature.

Whitebridge Park

The park has two swings (one baby swing and one regular swing).

Whitebridge Park

There is also metal spinning feature that the kids can sit or stand on. A pelican spring rider completes the original playground equipment and is suitable for toddlers and older kids.

One of the best things about the park is that it is set in beautiful natural grounds, with a large grassed area which is ideal for a picnic or kicking a ball around. There are also a couple of picnic tables (including one underneath a new shelter) if you forget your picnic blanket.

Whitebridge Park

Some huge gum trees provide shade to the park. There are also many smaller trees and bushes around the perimeter of the park, which provide a perfect opportunity for hide and seek and tree climbing.

Whitebridge Park

One tree has a hollowed out section you can peep through to see someone on the other side. When we visited, some kids had decorated the hollow with collected treasures – flowers, sticks and rocks.

Whitebridge Park

The park is fully fenced, making it a safer option for the young folk with a tendency to wander (although it is worth noting that kids might be able to open the gate themselves because the latch is quite low).

There is car parking available just next to the park (accessed via Waran Road), and there are a couple of public toilets located in the car park. There is also a water fountain available, but it’s a bit tricky to spot – it is hidden down in the back corner of the park, adjacent to the car park. The park is very close to the local Whitebridge shops, making it easy to grab a coffee or some morning tea for a picnic beforehand.

Address: Lonus Avenue, Whitebridge
Ideal Age: Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, Young school-age kids
Public Toilets: Yes
Water Fountain: Yes
Picnic Facilities: Picnic tables
Nearby Cafes: PEGS café, Designer Delights and a takeaway shop are all located at the nearby Whitebridge shops.

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