What Do Mums REALLY Want For Mother’s Day?

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Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday 8 May 2022. (It’s the second Sunday in May for those who want to keep track). It’s a day to celebrate mothers and shower them with love, appreciation… and great gifts!

In a completely unscientific poll, we asked what mums want for Mother’s Day. Do mums want flowers, a spa treatment, gifts, a sleep in, time with their family or just time to themselves?

In no particular order, here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for family members who want to spoil their mum. Some might surprise you, some may make you laugh and some don’t cost a thing! (Feel free to share this article to your partner to ensure you get what you want on Mother’s Day)

A sleep in

Not surprisingly, a sleep in was popular among the mums who responded to the survey. It’s at the top of my list too.

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast or even a cup of tea delivered to bed makes for a great start to Mother’s Day. Just ignore the toast crumbs in the bed. Looking for some breakfast inspiration for Mother’s Day weekend that also gets the kids in the kitchen? We’ve got you covered with a variety of ideas from the University of Newcastle No Money No Time website.

Lunch out with the kids

Some mums wanted to celebrate their special day at lunch surrounded by their family.

Lunch without the kids

And some mums preferred a quiet lunch without the kids!

A nap

A Mother’s Day nap was mentioned a few times. It’s a worthy contender along with a full night’s sleep before that!

“A picnic or a day out is nice too but a nap with anyone popping in to the room with urgent questions is bliss!” – Rebecca C.


Whether they’re store bought or handpicked, a bouquet of flowers is a top pick for mums.

Handmade presents

Those handmade presents that your kids make at daycare or school are always popular. Whether it’s the popular handprint, a painted item, a homemade card or a misshapen bit of clay (my favourite), nothing says “I love you” like a unique handmade Mother’s Day gift.

Spa treatments

You can’t go wrong with a spa treatments as these were repeatedly mentioned by mums. There were requests for manicures, pedicures, facials and massages.

Style session

This is a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. Style sessions with the right stylist can make such a difference to a mum’s confidence especially with post-baby body.

House cleaning services

Getting someone to clean their house was mentioned a few times, especially if it involves hubby doing the cleaning. Also mentioned was employing a cleaner for a one-off deep clean or regular cleaning services.

“A gift that keeps giving would be great…I’m think along the lines of a voucher for 12 months of cleaning and I’d happily have the same pressie every year” – Anna M.

Photos with the family

Here’s another gift that keeps on giving. A family photo shoot is a such a special gift whether it’s arranged for Mother’s Day or a voucher is given as a present.

Partner to step up on Mother’s Day

A common refrain among the comments was for partners to do more on Mother’s Day like cleaning and looking after the kids and especially not having to organise and cook dinner. Mums shouldn’t have to organise their own Mother’s Day!

“I’d love for my partner to literally spend all day cleaning the entire house, bring me lunch and then take me out for dinner lol” – Jess R.

“Time with my family and to not have to cook or clean up all day (and not have mess sitting there just waiting to deal with tomorrow)” – Michelle T.

“For my husband to look after the kids all day while doing all the housework and then wear something decent to take me to dinner of which I’ve not had to research, book or order the Uber for” – Brooke S.


One thing that a lot of mums want for Mother’s Day is the gift of peace a.k.a kids getting along – no fighting, no arguing, no hitting!  

“A nice day out with my family without my kids fighting!” – Mayah M.

“But honestly – just a sleep in, some beautiful heart-felt and hand made cards, and for my family to get along. They always fight on my special days (husband included). So if nothing else, just for them to get along!” – Sarah T.

Time away from the family

As much as we love our kids, time away was one of the most requested items for Mother’s Day. There were requests for a day shopping with a friend, a trip to Gold Class movies by yourself or with friends, meditation retreat, night at the theatre or a comedy club. A few mums mentioned they would love a night or a weekend away by themselves or with a friend.

“Hours to myself. A hotel room. Sleep. Massage, facial, hair done, nails done. A meal out without the kids. A night at the theatre or comedy show. I’d settle for seeing a movie in Gold Class by myself” – Samara G

“A night alone in a hotel with a glass a wine, choccies, Netflix, and room service. Not actually on Mother’s Day date itself, but any night around it would be amazing” – Jo M.

“I’m going away with another mum friend this weekend for two days off parenting and one night – a Mother’s Day retreat is what we are calling it. The gift is down time- time to be just me, time for a massage, a swim, a bath, good food, a chat with a friend that is not interrupted every two seconds. It’s a chance to miss my kids, but also a chance to not hear ‘muuuuuum’ or ‘I’m hungry’ for 2 full days. Happy Mother’s Day to me indeed!”  – Vanessa M.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift

As nice as a sleep in and breakfast in bed is, it’s nice to be spoiled with a gift for Mother’s Day. In our survey, there were some specific requests for gifts including:

  • A nice mug
  • An expensive scented candle
  • Fancy shower cap to keep straightened hair straight
  • Chocolate coated coffee beans
  • Cloudy apple cider
  • Fluffy dressing gown
  • Some Mums picture book by Nick Bland
  • Insulated wine cooler
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Boxing bag
  • Aromatherapy set
  • Cast iron teapot
  • Book
  • Jewellery
  • Book subscription box
  • Two bath towels in a beautiful colour that don’t have to be shared with the family
  • A donation in their name to a women’s charity like Send Hope, Not Flowers, an organisation which aims to reduce the maternal mortality rate in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands.


Mother’s Day is a day in which mums are recognised and appreciated for their role in raising kids. Appreciation by our partner and children for the job that we do is really special.

“To be made feel special. Flowers, a small gift and some quality time as a family. Maybe a nice glass of wine in the backyard in the sun” – Karen R

No burps or farts

Pretty self-explanatory but a truly worthy gift.

“Every year I ask for an uninterrupted shower and no burps / farts near me” – Jamie I. (mum to 5 boys)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. Hope you get what you want!

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