Play Disc Golf with Frisbees at Styles Park in Rathmines

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For a fun and free activity, bring a few frisbees to Styles Point Reserve in Rathmines to play Frisbee disc golf. As well as a great activity for families to do together, this course features gorgeous views of Lake Macquarie.

It can be a bit tricky to find the disc golf course as it’s hidden in Styles Point Reserve. To access the Rathmines disc golf course, you’ll need to enter via 2 Overhill Road. This puts you right outside the entrance to Styles Point Reserve.

For those unfamiliar with disc golf, it’s similar to traditional golf but instead of using golf clubs and a ball, you use a frisbee. The aim is to complete each hole with the fewest number of throws.

disc golf rathmines

Unlike regular golf, there is no hole to putt it into. Instead, there’s an elevated metal basket in which you aim for.

Each player throws from the marked tee area and then you do subsequent throws from where your frisbee landed. The sign will tell you how far the basket is. For example, in Par #1, the basket is 76 metres away from the sign and you have three throws to make the hole. You can just see the basket you’re aiming for in the distance.

The winner is the player who finishes the course in the least amount of throws.

frisbee disc golf rathmines

You can play 10 holes of disc golf at the Rathmines Disc Golf course and each hole is clearly marked with its par. Check out the map to see how the course starts from the car park and then heads south before venturing north and west.

frisbee golf rathmines

It’s a fun family activity that takes about 60 – 90 minutes to complete depending on how long your team takes to finish each hole. It might take longer if you’re following behind a slow group (just like golf).

frisbee golf rathmines

Some of the baskets are a bit tricky. There’s plenty of trees in Styles Point Reserve to make some of the baskets really challenging. Be prepared for some frustration.

disc golf rathmines

We recommend practicing your frisbee throws before you start playing. Also, be careful as it’s easy to throw your frisbee in the lake.

frisbee golf rathmines

We also recommend choosing frisbees of different colours for each player so it’s easy to identify each other’s frisbee.

There’s also a disc golf course at Jesmond Park which features 9 holes to play.

For more information on local disc golf, visit the Newcastle Disc Golf website.

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