10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

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Looking for a Christmas or end of year gift for a teacher to say thanks for all their efforts in educating kids. Here’s a few ideas for small gifts for teachers to show your appreciation.

  • A mug, Keep cup or other reusable coffee cup
  • Movie passes
  • Retail gift cards
  • Aromatherapy products for relaxation after a long school year. (Check out local company Fleurette Aromatherapy, a fave of mine for gifts)
  • Christmas ornament
  • Personalised Tim-Tams available at Giftorium at Myer Charlestown or other chocolates
  • A present for the classroom like a mobile or poster
  • School supplies that they can use e.g. Pens, Post-it notes, diaries or a gift certificate so they can buy their own from specialty stores like Kikki.K
  • An Oxfam gift card donated in their name which provides a e.g. safe drinking water for a family in a developing country
  • A thoughtful notes or a student-made gift

*For NSW public school teachers, the Department of Education advises their staff that they have to disclose any gifts over a nominal amount of $50. Something to keep in mind if you wanted to organise a larger gift with a group of other parents.

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