40 Fun Outdoor Activities to Do With Kids

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Want some inspiration for outdoor family fun? This list focuses on outdoor fun. While the weather is sunny, enjoy some fun in your backyard and around your neighbourhood. Here are some fun family activities so you don’t hear “I’m bored”.

Here are 40 fun outdoor kids activities for you and your family to enjoy.

  1. Chalk your walk. Use chalk and decorate your driveway, sidewalk or patio.
  2. Make mud pies. Grab some mixing bowls and spoons. Add water to dirt and let kids play.
  3. Blow bubbles. Either use bubble wands or make your own or use this CSIRO bubble mix recipe.
  4. Make a fort or put up a tent in the backyard and camp.
  5. Play hide and seek.
  6. Have a backyard picnic.
  7. Climb a tree.
  8. Bring the teddies outside and have a Teddy Bears Picnic.
  9. Spot a bird.
  10. Do a backyard scavenger hunt. We’ve put together a printable of things to find.
  11. Go for a walk, bike ride or scoot around your neighbourhood.
  12. Take a walk and enjoy the challenge of a neighbourhood scavenger hunt. We’ve put together a printable of things to spot.
  13. Throw a frisbee around.
  14. Use rope to string across the backyard and then play volleyball with a ball or balloon.
  15. Drag some cardboard boxes outside and let the kids decorate, climb in, and turn into a fort.
  16. Make a balance beam and get kids practising balancing.
  17. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard. Use pool noodles, boxes, cushions and anything else you can find for obstacles.
  18. Play tag.
  19. Do some gardening. Get the kids outside to pull out weeds, prune back bushes or plant some seeds.
  20. Wash the car.
  21. Set up a foot golf course in the backyard. Use plastic or paper plates as “holes” and then kick a ball (either a soccer ball or tennis ball) to different tees around the backyard.
  22. Set up a fitness circuit in the backyard and do some workouts with the kids.
  23. Set up a reading station in the backyard with comfy pillows and blankets and let the kids read.
  24. Build a fairy garden using leaves, stones and twigs.
  25. Search for bugs
  26. Do a soccer shoot out. Just need a ball and 2 items to mark the goal.
  27. Have sack races in the backyard using pillowcases for the kids.
  28. Chalk a hopscotch board and play.
  29. Make and fly paper planes.
  30. Fill a bucket, tub or kiddie pool for some water play. **Supervise your children around water**
  31. Pick flowers and press them in a book.
  32. Lie down and pick out shapes in the cloud.
  33. Spot a bird. Birdlife Australia has a great catalogue of birds. If you want to identify some bird calls, watch the YouTube video Aussie birds and their calls.
  34. Have a water fight using water guns or water balloons.
  35. Make a series of ramps and race toy cars around the yard.
  36. Play totem tennis.
  37. Go bowling in your backyard – use empty plastic bottles in your backyard and knock them down with a ball.
  38. Set up a painting station outside and let the kids paint on canvas, cardboard or paper.
  39. Wait until evening and do some stargazing.
  40. Make and play with goop in the backyard. Fun to play with and easy to wash away.

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