15 Eggscellent Easter Play Activities For Kids

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Easter is almost here and what better way to celebrate than with some fun Easter play activities. Keep your children busy while learning and developing important skills with these 15 unique Easter activities.


Easter Treasure Sensory Tray

Easter Kids Play Activities

The cheap shop is your best friend when it comes to this. Simply head to the Easter aisle to find lots of colourful and exciting Easter treasures (e.g. little carrots, Easter eggs, chickens, Easter cookie-cutters). You can use pretty much anything for the base. I chose to use Cheerio’ and rice bubbles as an edible and safe option for littlies and colourful shredded paper for another alternative. Then add a variety of cups, containers, scoops, funnels, etc. to encourage exploration. Let your imagination and creativity run wild with this activity. The possibilities are endless.

Easter art stamps

Sensory Easter Kids Play Activities

There are many different ways to create Easter stamps. Here I have used plastic Easter egg moulds, Easter-themed cookie-cutters, and potato patterned cut-outs. I used all of these stamps with paint. However, you could also use an ink pad or other alternative.

Easter egg drip painting and roll painting

Easter Kids Play Activities

Again, the plastic Easter egg moulds are so versatile. Here I have used them for drip painting and roll painting. For drip painting, simply fill the egg halves with colourful paint and let it drip through the holes onto the paper for an abstract artwork. For roll painting, place some paper in a tray and squeeze some paint onto it, then place some of the full eggs into the tray and roll them around in the paint. Both of these art activities provide a fun and messy process to experiment with, as well as a one-of-a-kind artwork at the end.


Sticky Easter egg collage

Easter Kids Play Activities

For this activity, start by cutting an Easter shape out of a piece of recycled cardboard. I did an Easter egg as this is the easiest option to begin with. Stick a piece of clear contact paper onto the back of the cut-out with the sticky-side facing upwards. Then provide a variety of craft materials to be stuck onto it- perfect for little ones and relatively mess-free as no glue is needed. This can also be done on a window to create a sun-catcher or on a wall for children to continue to add to and explore over time.

Nature bunnies

Sensory Easter Kids Play Activities

I absolutely love this one! Start by taking your child on a nature walk outside and collect a variety of natural resources to be used as collage- think leaves, flowers, sticks, gumnuts, etc. Then draw some bunny faces on separate pieces of paper- no outline, just the eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers.

Sensory Easter Kids Play Activities

Explore your creativity by placing different natural elements on and around the bunny face to complete the picture- add the outline, ears and anything else you desire. These can either be re-used as a creative activity or turned into an artwork by gluing them on.

Easter bird feeder

Easter Kids Play Activities

For this activity, simply bend a wire coat-hanger into the shape of an Easter egg. Provide a bowl of Cheerios and encourage your child to thread them onto the coat-hanger. Once complete, attach each end and hang it outside in your garden for the birds to celebrate Easter too. This is great for developing fine-motor skills in a fun and unique way.

Good Friday cross

Easter Kids Play Activities

For a lot of us Easter is not just about Easter eggs and bunnies. It is also a time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter, and what better way than to create your own cross to display in your home. For this activity, simply cut out some different sized crosses from recycled cardboard and decorate with water-coloured paints and collage materials.


Frozen chickens

Easter Kids Play Activities

This is such a fun activity that provides an opportunity to learn about water and what happens when it freezes and melts. Fill an ice-cube tray with water, place a little chicken in each cube, and freeze. Once frozen, you can either offer them as they are or hide them in plastic Easter eggs for further exploration. Encourage children to problem-solve and free the chickens by either melting the ice with heat or salt or attempting to break the ice with a hammer.

Easter egg water play

Another great activity for the little ones- simply fill a tray, bath-tub or splash pool with water and lots and lots of plastic Easter eggs. Offer utensils such as scoops and tongs, along with bowls and containers for children to experiment and problem-solve with.

Fizzing Easter surprise

Easter Kids Play Activities

This is always a favourite amongst little scientists- fill a tray with the plastic Easter egg moulds, bicarb soda and food colouring/glitter. Offer a jar of vinegar with syringes, pipettes and small scoops or a spray/squirt bottle filled with vinegar for the children to add to the tray. As the vinegar mixes with the bicarb soda and food colouring, watch in amazement as an explosion of colourful fizzing bubbles appears.


Hide and seek activity game

Fill each Easter egg with an action for the child to do or a question for them to answer e.g. do 5 star-jumps, sing the ABC, what is your favourite colour? Turn it into a physical activity game, literacy and numeracy game, getting to know you game… there are so many possibilities. You could also hide the eggs too to make it even more fun.

Colour matching

Easter Kids Play Activities

Use a recycled egg carton to fill with plastic Easter egg halves in a variety of colours, then fill the other side with pom-poms in mixed colours. Provide tongs and encourage your child to place each pom-pom in the matching coloured egg. This is a great activity for colour recognition and identification.

Puzzle play

Easter Kids Play Activities

Fill each Easter egg with a different piece of a puzzle. I have used an alphabet puzzle to encourage letter recognition and identification, but you can use any puzzle you like. As each egg is opened, the child must place that puzzle piece where it goes. This is a great way to encourage your child to complete puzzles in different orders to match each piece rather than follow a pattern.

Easter egg towers

Easter Kids Play Activities

Loose parts in construction provide many different benefits that standard blocks simply can’t, as they are unpredictable and require further problem-solving. Provide your child with a large amount of plastic Easter egg moulds and encourage them to build with them e.g. see who can build the tallest tower without it falling over. Not only does this require problem-solving, but it also explores the concepts of balance and measurement and encourages persistence.

Scissor skills

Again, this one requires a bit more planning, but it is a great way to support your child’s development of scissor skills. Draw some Easter eggs on paper and then draw a line through the middle of each- straight line, wavy line, zig-zag line. Encourage your child to cut each egg in half by following the line with their scissors.

If you’re looking for some new ideas to entertain your children at home during the Easter season, why not give some of these Easter play activities a try? They’re inexpensive, easy to create, and provide hours of fun and endless learning opportunities for your little ones!

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