Enjoy a Swim in Lake Macquarie at Belmont Baths

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Go for a dip in at Belmont Baths. The swimming enclosure consists of a shark-netted swimming area 70m long and 45m wide along with a 70-metre jetty that’s fun to jump off. There’s plenty of room for everyone including those with inflatables.

The baths feature multiple entry points including stairs and an accessible ramp. However, you might want to use the jetty as it’s a bit rocky near the shore. If you enter via the jetty, you’ll be stepping on sand and seagrass instead.

The amenities block is in front of the baths along with sheltered picnic areas and plenty of tree shade.

Belmont Baths are located at Brooks Parade in Belmont (cross street Maude Street).

*** If you’re concerned about razor clams in Belmont Baths, wear an old pair of sand shoes, crocs or aqua shoes***

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