25+ At Home Date Night Ideas So You Can Reconnect with Your Partner During Lockdown

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Has date night disappeared in the chaos of lockdown with kids underfoot? Do you instead wish for some social isolation from your partner? It might be time for a date night. Reconnect with your partner in the midst of these crazy pandemic times.

We’ve come up with some at-home date night ideas to try to rekindle the romance, improve communication and just connect with each other. Depending on the age of your kids, most of these you can do after your kids fall asleep or distract them with screen time.

Have breakfast in bed

Spend some quality time with your partner at the beginning of the day before the kids wake up. Enjoy breakfast in bed and reconnect. Check with your local cafe to see if they have breakfast hampers you can order.

Cook a meal together

Have fun cooking at home together. Try a new recipe or cook up one of your favourite dishes. Take the time to talk while you chop, saute or grill.

Order food in

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a meal. Order a takeaway meal from your favourite restaurant. There are loads of places that are providing takeaway meals or prepared meals that you can order and reheat at home. Set the table and make it fancy.

Organise an at-home picnic

Wait until the kids are asleep and then spread out a picnic blanket either inside or on your back lawn. Enjoy a feast of cheese, nibblies and wine. Don’t forget dessert!

Do a workout together

Nothing says love like sweating together. We’ve got some great workout routines you can do at home.

Do yoga together

Release the stress and tension from your bodies by doing a yoga practice. There are numerous yoga practices on YouTube but one that was recommended by a yoga-loving friend was Yoga4U with Anneriek. Her Yin Yoga practices are reputed to be especially effective for stress relief and relaxation.

Have a wine or beer tasting night

You might not be able to get out to a brewhouse or local winery but replicate the experience at home. Have fun tasting craft beer or wine at home with a blind taste test. Just stock up on different types.

Experiment with cocktails

Pull out the spirits and start trying different drink mixes. The Dan Murphy’s website has tons of cocktail recipes that you can try.

Enjoy game night with your partner

Hang out and play chess, checkers, Scrabble, Jenga, Guess Who? or backgammon. This gives you a chance to reconnect and use your brain. Or if you want to make it a bit naughty, try Strip Scrabble where for every six-word or seven-word letter you place down, your partner has to remove a piece of clothing.

Challenge each other on video games

Wait until the kids fall asleep and then start playing their Playstation, XBox or Nintendo Switch. Go old school with classic games like Super Mario Bros.

Stargaze in the backyard

Get some blankets and lie down in the backyard and stargaze.

Do a jigsaw puzzle together

Dig out a jigsaw puzzle and solve it with your partner. It’s a great opportunity to relax and chat while you’re doing something together. Choose something not too challenging so it doesn’t end in an argument.

Learn something new about your partner

Learn more about your partner and Play Never Have I Ever or ask one of the 36 Questions That Lead to Love. These 36 questions are probing questions which help you understand your partner more.

Enjoy a virtual concert together

There are so many live streaming events featuring musicians all around the world. Just google your favourite artists to see if they’re playing from their homes.  

Watch a movie

You might not be able to go out for movie night so recreate it at home. Choose a new release blockbuster, a romantic comedy or a thriller, choose something you’ve both been wanting to watch. Add popcorn, drinks and treats to make it a fun night.

Look through photos together

Flip through your old photos of you and your partner together and reminisce. Go though photos of you in those early years of dating or your wedding album and remember the feelings that you had for each other.

Take a dance class

Get up close to your partner and learn how to dance a waltz, rumba or the cha cha. You can find lots of dance videos on YouTube or visit the Learn To Dance website.

Enjoy dessert

On your next grocery shopping trip, splurge on ice cream, sweets, chocolates and enjoy a dessert buffet for two. Or dig out the fondue set that you received as a wedding gift and dip strawberries and other fruit in chocolate.

Take over the kids cubby house or fort

Have the kids made a fort or cubby house inside? String up some fairy lights or bring in some candles and convert the cubby house to a romantic haven.

Recreate LEGO Masters

Playing with LEGO isn’t just for kids. It’s a great activity for parents to unwind in a world of blocks. Just wait until the kids go to sleep and then start building with their blocks. You can choose to put together a kit using the instructions (think of it as guided meditation) or you can free build. Whatever you do, it’s a fun and therapeutic practice. There’s even a book for adults that LEGO commissioned called LEGO Build Yourself Happy: The Joy of LEGO Play.

Have a dance party in the living room

Create a Spotify playlist of all your favourite songs and dance.

Binge watch some TV

Find a TV series that you both like and chill out together.

Sip & paint night

Although it’s fun to go out for a paint & sip night, recreate it at home. Get supplies organised like canvas or poster board and find paint or textas or even crayons. Pair with wine and start on your masterpiece. Paint a landscape, self-portrait or a portrait of your partner.

Visit an attraction on your date

Visit Australian landmarks, zoos, aquariums, galleries, museums & world heritage sites from your home. We’ve found 30 virtual online tours you can do across Australia. Some involve Google Steet View tours while others let you view online exhibits.

Watch your favourite sports team

Do you and your partner love going to games together? Although you might not be able to go to games in person, watch the game at home with your partner. Have the beer and snacks ready beforehand.

Hide out in your car or SUV

If you just need a change of scenery or need to get away from the kids, have date night in your parked car or SUV. Listen to music or even bring a device so you can stream a movie or TV. Use the baby monitor to make sure your baby or children are sleeping or go into the house periodically to check on older kids.

Enjoy some bubbles

Break out the bubbles, bath bubbles that is! Enjoy a bath together after the kids are in bed especially on these cooler nights. Light some candles, play some music and relax.

Rub each other the right way

It’s stressful times so give each other back rubs or foot rubs.

Any other at-home date night ideas we can add? Email us with your suggestions.

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