Dance & Cheer Classes in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter

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If you have a budding ballerina, rising jazz star or future Tap Dog in your household or if you’re just looking for an active after school activity for your kids, there are heaps of dance schools to choose from in our region. Many cater for the very young, with baby ballerina and tiny tutu classes, right up to teens and adults. Whether you’re after a fun, social activity for your child or a more serious exam-based dance school, there’s something to suit every child including Boys Only Classes, Musical Theatre, Cheer and more. Below are a list of dance & performing arts classes in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter.

Attitude Dance Centre

Location: East Maitland
Age(s): 2+
Website: Attitude Dance Centre

Attitude Dance Centre at East Maitland cater for students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Students can work towards CUA Certificates in Dance qualifications provided directly by Australian Dance Institute. Free trials are available. Styles offered: Mummy & Me, Beat Babies, Cheer Babies, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, Musical Theatre, Cheer, Performance Groups, Boys Only, Solos, Duos and Private Lessons.

Australian Dance & Talent Centre

Location: Cardiff
Age(s): 18 months+
Website: Australian Dance & Talent Centre

As well as dancing, the Australian Dance & Talent Centre offer singing, acting and musical instrument classes. Classes can be taken in a recreational capacity or at exam level, with a focus in inclusiveness, diverseness and fun. Styles offered: Wiggle & Giggle, Pre School Performing Arts, Pre School Classical Ballet, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, Musical Theatre, Hoops & Silks, Junior Stars, Junior Fortnite Hip Hop, Boys Only Fortnite Hip Hop, Vocal, Seniors Pointe Extension, Seniors Advanced Commercial Jazz, Adult Tap, Pre Professional ‘Ignite’ Performance Team.

Baby Ballet School

Location: Shortland
Age(s): 2 – 5
Website: Baby Ballet School

The Baby Ballet School pre-school dance program incorporates elements of the Royal Academy of Dance, Pre-Primary Syllabus and students are trained by Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teachers. Students graduate to their sister school Institute of Dance. Styles offered: Ballet (2-3 years), Jazz (2-5 years), Ballet (4-5 years).

Beats Dance Studio

Location: Fletcher, Mayfield, Merewether, Stockton
Age(s): All ages
Website: Beats Dance Studio

With several dance studios across Newcastle, Beats Dance Studio brings you what’s fresh and new in the world of dance. They also offer singing and cheerleading. Styles offered: Mums & Bubs, Baby Groovers Jazz, Baby Groovers Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, Funk, Cheer, Teen Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop, Street Tap, Singing Idols, Cheerleading, Boys Only Hip Hop/Break, Performance Team, Tap Performance Troupe.

Bella Ballerinas

Location: Stockton
Age(s): 2+
Website: Bella Ballerinas

Bella Ballerinas is Stockton’s very own dance studio with classes for children of all ages from Tiny Treasures up. Styles offered: RAD Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Acro, Adult Ballet.

Belmont Dance Centre

Location: Belmont
Age(s): 2+
Website: Belmont Dance Centre

Belmont Dance Centre offer Dance for all ages and skill levels. Styles offered: Mummy + Me, Tiny Tots Ballet and Jazz, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Modern, Pointe, Stretch, Performance Troupe. Additional classes available on request.

Bodyrock Dance Studio

Location: Dudley
Age(s): 3+
Website: Bodyrock Dance Studio

Operating since 2004, Bodyrock Dance Studio offer affordable classes and costumes for ages 3 year to adult, beginners to experienced dancers. Styles offered: Tiny Twisters Jazz (3-5), Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Cheer.

Breakaway Dancers

Location: Edgeworth, Lakelands, Charlestown, Speers Point, Toronto, Valentine
Age(s): 3+
Website: Breakaway Dancers

The creators of Breakaway Dancers, Shelley Heathcote and Ron Heathcote, teach all the classes, ensuring safety and high quality tuition. Styles offered: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Acro, Hip Hop, Breakdancing Hip Hop, Age-appropriate Tik Tok, Xtreme Dance Team.

The Collective Dance Academy

Location: Salamander Bay
Age(s): 2+
Website: The Collective Dance Academy

More than just a dance school, The Collective Dance Academy is a team of passionate and dedicated dancers and dance teachers who have come together with one clear goal, to provide the very best dance training and customer service in Port Stephens. Styles offered: Mini Movers, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Adult/Seniors.

Dance Extreme

Location: Raymond Terrace
Age(s): 2+
Website: Dance Extreme

DanceXtreme offers a high standard of tuition in various styles of dance in an enjoyable and happy atmosphere. The aim is for students to firstly enjoy their classes and make new friends as well as build self-confidence, co-ordination and poise. Styles offered: Tiny Tots, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Boys Hip Hop, Acro Dance Acrobatique Syllabus, Cheer, Performance Group, Circus, Aerial Skills.

East Maitland Academy of Dance

Location: Morpeth
Age(s): 2+
Website: East Maitland Academy of Dance

The East Maitland Academy of Dance is an environment of excellence and high achievement. Styles offered: Baby Ballet & Jazz, Pre-school in Dance, Classical Ballet, Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Musical Theatre.

Heidi’s School of Dance

Location: Newcastle
Age(s): 3+
Website: Heidi’s School of Dance

Heidi’s School of Dance offers expert tuition in a fun and nurturing environment. Styles offered: Tiny Tots, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary. 

Hunter Valley Dance Centre

Location: East Maitland
Website: Hunter Valley Dance Centre

The Hunter Valley Dance Centre was established in the Maitland region in 1985 and aims to create an environment where students actively learn but are also encouraged to be creative and have fun. Styles offered: Storybook Dance, Beginner/Pre-Junior Mix, Classical Ballet, Jazz Blend, Contemporary, Character, Skills Development.

HVT School of Performing Arts

Location: East Maitland
Age(s): 2+
Website: HVT School of Performing Arts

At HVT School of Performing Arts your child will be guided and nurtured by expert staff through the various stages in their dance training. Their aim is to help children find their gifts, find what makes them come alive and find where they excel. Styles offered: Ready Set Dance Lvl 1, Ready Set Dance Lvl 2, Leaps and Bounds Acro, Leaps and Bounds Ballet, RAD Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, Teen Rec, Adult Tap, Adult Combo, Exam/Comps.

Institute of Dance

Location: Shortland
Age(s): 6+
Website: Institute of Dance

Institute of Dance is an inclusive, supportive and family friendly dance studio that has been welcoming students and their families from Newcastle and surrounds for over seven years. Styles offered: Baby Ballet School, RAD Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical/Contemporary, Acro, Junior Extension Program, Pre-Professional Training, Private Lessons.

Just Dance-It

Location: Boolaroo, Hamilton & Maryland
Age(s): 2+
Website: Just Dance-It

The goal at Just Dance It is to make dancing fun, provide a friendly and positive atmosphere for children to come along and create life long friendships while doing what they love, dancing! Styles offered: Ready Set Dance, Ballet/Lyrical, Jazz/Funk, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz/Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Cheerleading/Pom Dance, Dance Cirque, Pop Starz


Location: Belmont & Kurri
Age(s): 2+

Welcoming all ages and skill levels, KCDANCEHQ offers a safe, wholesome and positive environment that empowers students to freely express themselves. Styles offered: Tippy Toes, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acrodance, Musical Theatre, Drama, Cheer, Boys-Only Dance Classes, Adult Tap, Heels Dance Classes, Singing Classes.

Lake Macquarie Dance Centre

Location: Carey Bay
Age(s): 2+
Website: Lake Macquarie Dance Centre

From pre-schoolers to teens, Lake Macquarie Dance Centre cherishes the dancer within each student. At LMDC your child will receive the finest foundations to dance throughout their life. Styles offered: Pre-school, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Adult Classes, Junior X-Tension, Elite Dance Program.

Maxi Jazz Dance Studio

Location: Wallsend
Age(s): 2+
Website: Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio

The highest priority at Maxi-Jazz Dance studio is to value each and every student. To preserve the magical moments for them, encourage them to use their imagination, their creativity, their spontaneity. Styles offered: Tiny Twirlers, Petite Feet, Little Monkeys Cirque, Ballet, Ballet/Jazz, Hip Hop/CheerDance, Tap, AcroDance, Dance Cirque, Jazz/Lyrical, Hip Hop/Contemporary, Cheer/Pom.

Newcastle Dance Academy

Location: Broadmeadow
Age(s): 18m+
Website: Newcastle Dance Academy

At Newcastle Dance Academy you can let your child learn in a caring and creative environment for the sheer love of dance, or have their fully qualified and experienced staff nurture and encourage your child to develop their own individual talents and confidence to pursue a career in the field of dance. Styles offered: Bubbarinas, Ready Set Dance, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Khorobushka, Boys, Adult, Silver Swans, Elite Dance, Private Tuition.

Planet Dance

Location: Windella
Age(s): 2+
Website: Planet Dance

Planet Dance offers a range of dance styles that cater for the beginner through to the more advanced student. With 23 years experience in the industry, Planet Dance understands how to bring out the best in your child. Styles offered: Baby Ballerinas, RAD ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Cheerleading.

Robyn Yvette Dance Centre

Location: Taylors Beach
Age(s): 2.5+
Website: Robyn Yvette Dance Centre

With over 40 years of dance excellence in the Bay, Robyn Yvette Dance Centre boasts outstanding results in the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams and Les Griffiths Tap Dance Academy. Styles offered: Twinkle Tots, Twinkle Toes, Classical Ballet, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, Cabaret, Musical Theatre, Additional Needs Classes.

Sloan’s Dance Academy

Location: Cessnock
Age(s): 3+
Website: Sloan’s Dance Academy

Sloan’s Dance Academy, located at Cessnock, welcome students from the age of 3 to professional adults. Their aim to provide quality dance training within a fun, safe and nurturing environment. Styles offered: Tiny Tots, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Stretch/Strength & Conditioning, Exam and Eisteddfod Tuition.

Studi-O Dance School

Location: Gateshead, Valentine
Age(s): 2+
Website: Studi-O Dance School

At their studios in Valentine and Gateshead, Studi-O Dance School run a variety of dedicated classes for a range of dance styles in an encouraging, no-pressure environment, in which each child can reach their full potential at their own pace. Styles offered: Little Cherubs, Baby Ballerinas, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, Troupe.

Studio 2324

Location: Raymond Terrace
Age(s): 2+
Website: Studio 2324

Opened in 1994, Studio 2324 boasts a large range of facilities for students and is conveniently located in the centre of town for parents. There are 3 fully equipped studios within the venue with wall attached barres, full length mirrors, stereo system and air-conditioning. Styles offered: Ready Set Dance Lvl 1, Ready Set Dance Lvl 2, Twinkle Toes, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Musical Theatre, National Character, HSC Tuition, PBT.

Tiny Tutus

Location: Charlestown
Age(s): 16m+
Website: Tiny Tutus

Tiny Tutus offer their ballerinas a warm, supportive space from which to fall in love with dance Their preschool ballet classes are beautiful, developmentally appropriate beginner ballet programs that teach the basic concepts of classical ballet, movement, music appreciation, rhythm and poise. Styles offered: Teeny Tiny Tutus, Tiny Tutus Tots, Tiny Tutus Pre-Ballet, Tiny Tutus Ballet, Tiny Tutus Elementary, Tiny Tutus Princes.

TMP Dance Studios

Location: Caves Beach
Age(s): 18m+
Website: TMP Dance Studios

TMP Dance Studios has been in operation for over 25 years and offers a dance studio that inspires students to shine through movement and quality dance instruction. Styles offered: Mums and Bubs, Preschool Dance, RAD Classical Ballet, Jazz/Funk, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, Ladies Athena.

United Dance

Location: Maitland & Raymond Terrace
Age(s): 18m+
Website: United Dance

Join the United Dance family and experience the magic of dance in a friendly environment at their Maitland and Raymond Terrace studios. Styles offered: Baby Boppers, Munchkin Magic, Tumble Tots, Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Ballet/Lyrical, Lyrical/Contemporary, Acro/Tumbling, Senior Surprise Mini Program.


Location: Cooks Hill
Age(s): Y-KinderDance (3 – 5)
Website: YWCA

Y-KinderDance is a fun, upbeat dance class combined with a modified gym circuit. It is a structured pre-school program that provides children with a joy for movement, body awareness, improved coordination and gross motor skills, all the physical skills essential for healthy brain and body development. Styles offered: Y-KinderDance

Zone Active Gym Sports & Dance Academy

Location: Taylors Beach
Age(s): 15m+
Website: Zone Active Gym Sports & Dance Academy

The focus at Zone Active Dance Academy is to push their students to improve as well as create a supportive and friendly environment. Zone Active Dance Academy is home to three full-equipped dance studios and they offer classes to children of all ages, from Tiny Toes pre-dance to their Senior class. Styles Offered: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Acro Dance.

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