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Looking for a smarter, safer way to shop while keeping your family well nourished? Head online and get fresh local groceries delivered straight to your doorstep!

Get farm-fresh food from Your Food Collective. This innovative Newcastle-based business brings you fresh local produce and goods. It’s a virtual farmers market direct to you. They sell over 500 seasonal products from more than 100 local producers, including fruit and vegetable, meat, dairy, bread and pantry items.

Your Food Collective connects local farmers and producers to customers. They cut out the middle man so that consumers get fresh food with minimal waste and producers get paid up to four times the amount they would in the supermarkets. Your Food Collective is rebuilding local food systems one bite at a time.

Save time and shop from home, while supporting local growers. Participating companies include Baccos Bakery, Baked Uprising, Hunter Belle, Hunter Natural, Hunter Valley Produce, Mama P, Pura Vida Organics, The Golden Egg Farm and many more local companies.

It’s simple to shop. Jump on the Your Food Collective website. You can select a set box or choose what you want. Your food is picked to order. You can pick up at selected times at local distribution points – there’s one in Tighes Hill, Warners Bay and Maitland or you can get it delivered straight to your door (ideal if you’re avoiding busy supermarkets due to COVID-19).

Special Offer for Newy with Kids Readers

Want to try Your Food Collective and support local growers? Your Food Collective is offering the Newy with Kids Community $10 off orders over $75. Use the code NEWYWITHKIDS at the checkout.

Newy with Kids interviewed Lauren Branson from Your Food Collective to find out more about this local business.

Your Food Collective

How did the idea of Your Food Collective come about?

My cousin Cara and I are passionate about good food and doing things right. We were frustrated by the lack of fresh produce in supermarkets across the country and the fact that farmers can’t see a future in growing our food so we set out to change that. It’s staggering that less than 6% of Aussies actually eat the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables and annually we lose more than 25% of our growers annually and throw away more than $20 billion worth of food. Cara and I set out to create a food system that nourishes our people and builds a strong future. We believe that good food is the most powerful source of change. 

Do you or Cara have a background in food?

No, we completely swapped our high heels for high vis!! You can read a bit more about our stories on our blog (Lauren and Cara). 

How does Your Food Collective work?

It’s farmgate at your fingertips. We connect you to the fields of local farmers and then deliver the produce to your door. We’ve cut out the middle man so that consumers get insanely fresh food, there’s no waste and producers get paid up to four times the amount they would in the supermarkets. We’re rebuilding local food systems one bite at a time. 

What kind of produce and food do you supply?

We sell over 500 seasonal products from more than 100 local producers, including fruit and veg, meat, dairy, bread and pantry items.  

Where does the food in Your Food Collective come from?

We’ve actually redefined local and typically the food at YFC comes from within 200km of your front door. No one else is doing this. We don’t work with onsellers, just real farmers. It’s so important to know where your food has come from and who grew it. Evey product at YFC has a link back to the producer who grew it and you can even shop by producer. Our vision is that when you sit down to your meal of amazing local produce you know exactly who grew it and where it came from. It’s so empowering!

How do you support local growers and producers?

We support local growers by creating a fair and transparent food system. By cutting out the middle man we can pay them up to for times the amount the major supermarkets do. 

Why do you believe so strongly in buying local?

There is so much to say here. Buying local food from YFC truly does have the power to build a sustainable future and feed our growing population. We’re fixing the plant and it all starts with what’s on your plate. Here are just a few of the biggies when it comes to why local is king and what we’re trying to achieve. 

  • Reduce household greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85%, directly fighting climate change.
  • Support family farms that use sustainable and regenerative farming practices, nurturing our soil and allowing us to continue farming well into the future.
  • Nourish our bodies on food that tastes amazing because it was ripened on the tree, vine or bush. This also means that on a molecular level the food we’re eating has the nutrients our bodies need and can easily digest, growing healthy bodies.
  • Greatly increase the variety of foods we consume. Our current global food system is largely reliant on less than 12 plant and animal species, this a fraction of the varieties we consumed not even 50 years ago. Eating a diverse range of plants and animals means we have far greater food security and better nutrition.
  • Reduce food waste by up to 50% (Australia currently throws away more than $20 billion worth of food annually).
  • Build stronger communities as we start to connect with the people who grew our food, adding value to the food we’re eating and bringing families together to eat meals grown with and made with love.

Do you have to order a box each week or can you set up a recurring subscription?

You can place a one-off order or set up a set and forget which means your groceries just turn up!! 

Do you offer delivery or do customers have to pick up the boxes?

We deliver across Sydney, Newcastle, Maitland and Lake Macquarie. Or you can pick it up from one of our hubs in Tighes Hill, Warners Bay and Maitland. 

How do you incorporate sustainability into Your Food Collective?

We are a sustainable food system in action!! We are also tracking towards zero waste packaging across the whole supply chain. We’re slashing household carbon footprints, reducing food waste, building lasting food security and nourishing our nation. 

What’s next for Your Food Collective?

We’re looking forward to working with more amazing local producers and nourishing more families within the region. 

What are your favourite recipes to eat with your family?

I’ve got 5 beautiful children so am pretty time-poor. We love simple meals with fresh produce that sings! We’re often doing roast veggies on the BBQ with good olive oil or simple stir-fries. I’m also always inspired by what people are sharing on our Facebook group and love mixing it up.   

Any tips on getting kids to try new food?

We eat a varied diet of fruit and vegetables and I’m always asking them to just try something new. They don’t have to like it but just give it a go. Most importantly they are watching what you’re doing, not what you’re saying so make sure you’re not being fussy around food:)

What are some of your favourite spots to hang out with your family?

We love hanging out at Glenrock mountain biking or bush walking. We also love the Throsby Creek bike path all the way to Nobby’s!! With 5 kids and a COVID puppy anything outdoors and we’re winning!!

For more information, visit the Your Food Collective website. Use the code GOODHABITS with your first order over $100 to receive an exclusive gift.

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