4 Reasons Why You’re Craving Comfort Food This Winter – Plus a Winter Warmers eBook!

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Do you find yourself craving warm hearty meals, delicious hot soups and carby goodness as soon as the cold change comes through? Well, there’s actually a reason you feel that way!

Our friends at No Money No Time website, created by the University of Newcastle outline below four reasons why we crave comfort food at this time of year.

  1. Reaching for comfort foods can be driven by our emotions. We can all feel a little bit glum during Winter (more so in comparison to other seasons), and eating can often be a way for us to cope with the gloomy change in weather!
  2. Certain foods can bring back feelings of nostalgia. The fond memories we have of helping Nan in the kitchen as she made her famous beef stew, or learning how to cook with our parents. This is a way of modelling the behaviours we observed growing up, and doing this as an adult can surface positive memories and emotions.
  3. Eating triggers feelings of happiness, due to the production of serotonin and dopamine – chemical messengers that communicate between the gut and the brain to trigger a happy feeling. These are also produced when we do things such as exercise or spending time in the sun, and because we generally do these activities less in Winter, our bodies crave the rush from food instead!
  1. Comfort foods are often home cooked, which can be a great way to get the kids involved, brush up their cooking skills and create long lasting memories. 

Research also shows that cooking can actually improve your mood, and those who cook at home often have better indicators of health, healthier eating patterns, and spend less on takeaway!

So, if you’re craving comfort foods this winter and are tired of thinking about what to have for dinner, we’ve taken the hassle out for you with 50 pages of our favourite winter warmers in a free ebook.

It’s filled with fantastic recipes to feed the whole family.

As a plus, it ticks the life admin checklist of:

  • Is it nutritious?
  • Will the kids eat it? 
  • Do I have the ingredients?
  • Can I throw this together quickly after soccer training?

From brekkie to dessert, the ebook has recipes that taste delicious, will warm your soul, and remind you of the good old days of mum’s cooking!

Winter Warmers ebook No Money No Time

Best of all, the kids won’t even realise they are eating healthy food because it tastes so good! We suggest the Avocado Brownies or the Pumpkin Mac ‘N’ Cheese – they won’t suspect a thing!

You can also find fast, easy and affordable recipe suggestions, as well as the Healthy Eating Quiz on No Money No Time website.

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