[WIN] A Kids Art Kit for You & a Friend Just in Time for School Holidays

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Enjoy some craft during the school holidays! Thanks to A Little Spirit, Newy with Kids is giving away a double prize pack of a Kids Creative Kit. That’s one for you and one for your friend! There are more than 10 Creative Kids Kits to choose from.

A Little Spirit believes that creativity is a key ingredient to unlocking a child’s full potential.  That’s why A Little Spirit exists — to equip your kids with the tools to tap into their creativity, explore their imagination and express themselves in different ways.  Using your Service NSW Creative Kids voucher, you can get one of their art kits delivered to your door, fast and free!


Whether painting, drawing, flower pressing or Posca painting, A Little Spirit’s considered art kits are packed full of supplies to support your child on their creative journey. With art kits designed for preschoolers all the way through to senior art students, there is something for absolutely every age and stage.

More now than ever, we need ALL. THE. HELP. keeping our children entertained and engaged.  Sally from A Little Spirit has crafted activities to help engage children of all ages and provide the whole family with moments of calm.  Visit A Little Spirit website to order your art kit or just to find inspiration to allow your kids’ lockdown creativity to run wild.

Shape Tree Activity

A Little Spirit

Spring has sprung, and what better way to excite creative little minds than by painting the change of season! This activity can be enjoyed all year round and is an excellent way for your kids to make a piece of art that they will be proud of!  Oh and PS, we think this one is great for little ones learning their shapes and for big kids who would like to make a stylish note card.

This activity is suitable for Watercolour, Acrylic Paint or Posca paint markers and works really well with bold colours or pastel shades. In this example, we used Watercolour on dry paper to paint the trees and a fine liner to complete the intricate details. All items used are available in A Little Spirit’s Creative Kids art packs which are delivered free to your door with your ServiceNSW Creative Kids voucher.

You’ll need:

  1. Good quality art paper
  2. Your choice of medium.  We think this activity works best with watercolour, posca markers or acrylic paints.
  3. A fine point marker, texta or sharpie.  Make sure this can be used to draw over the primary medium you have chosen in step 2.

Let’s get started!

  1. Start your trees by lightly drawing an outline of 5-7 shapes with a graphite pencil. You can create a pattern with your shapes, or place them in more random positions like Millie has.
  1. Select your colours!  The earthy colours we used here are perfect for an Autumn tree look. Beautiful orange, mustard and dark green brings the rustic appearance to life.   For spring, you might choose colours like pastel pink, lemon and mint? By using a simple pallet of three colours, you can create a really stunning artwork.
A Little Spirit
  1. Fill in the shape using your medium of choice!  Don’t forget that you will need to use a marker to draw over top of the paint, so mediums like oil pastel wont work well.
  1. Let your painted masterpiece dry. You might be eager to finish it off, but now is a great time to practice patience.
  1. Once all of the shapes you’ve painted have dried completely, it’s time to get creative! Use a fine marker pen to draw in your tree’s trunks, branches and leaves. Add as much or as little detail as you like!
  1. How about adding some extra grass or flowers? You can find inspiration in your very own garden or neighbourhood park
A Little Spirit

You’re all finished.  Stick up your masterpiece and admire it!

WIN A Little Spirit Pack for You & Your Friend

Enjoy some craft during the school holidays! Enter now for your chance to win A Little Spirit Creative Kids duo pack. (RRP $200) It’s a perfect boredom-buster for the whole family to enjoy during the school holidays.

We know that with lockdown, we can’t get together with friends. However, you can still do art together virtually. A Little Spirit is giving a creative kit to both you and a designated friend so you can still get creative together.

To enter, fill in the form below and answer the question

Which friend would you like to get creative with and why?

Just fill in the form below and answer the skill-testing question. Good luck.

A Little Spirit is a proud NSW Creative Kids provider, so even if you don’t win you can still use your voucher to get your hands on a FREE kit!

CONGRATULATIONS TO: J. Stockwell and A. Peh

Giveaway Terms and Conditions

  • The name of the promotion is Newy with Kids A Little Spirit Giveaway
  • The promoter is Newy with Kids in conjunction with A Little Spirit
  • The conditions of entry are: answer the question provided, one entry per person. Contact details must be provided in the form.
  • Employees, immediate family members, contributing writers, retailers, suppliers, associated companies and agencies are not eligible to enter.
  • The competition opens Thursday 9 September 2021 and will close on Thursday 16 September 2021 at midnight (Newcastle time). Comments submitted after this time will not be considered for the giveaway.
  • The entry mechanism is via 30 words or less and is a game of skill. The most creative answer will win. The winner will be awarded based on the strength of their creative answer to the question “Which friend would you like to get creative with and why?”
  • The prize is your choice of two A Little Spirit Creative Kids Pack (RRP $200)- one for you and one for a designated friend. Two winners will be announced. Total prize pool is $400.
  • The results of the giveaway will be published on this site on Friday 17 September 2021. Winners will be notified via email.
  • If winners cannot be contacted within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.
  • Prizes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable. 
  • Judging will be done by Newy with Kids. Judge’s decision is final.
  • The competition is open to Australian residents only.
  • If for any reason beyond the Promoter’s control the agreed prize is not available a product of equal or greater value will be provided.
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