What Do Dads Really Want For Father’s Day

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Newy with Kids writer and local dad Anthony Wood shares what he and other dads want for Father’s Day (Sunday September 1, 2019).

Father’s Day is a special day of the year and I do love the idea of getting gifts from my family (on any day in fact!) The most important gifts I love are the crafty ones that the kids bring home from school or their Early Learning Centre. These immediately go on display for the week.

The next gifts I always look forward to are the ones that come from school Father Day Stalls. Some of these gifts can range from being comical or practical, depending on your point of view.

The most amazing thing about the day is getting to enjoy the gift of your family – which comes for free!

Nevertheless, some of the other gifts that I and other dads may desire include:

An experience – such as sandboarding, a virtual reality experience or a flight simulator.

A hot sauce sampler – from somewhere like Melbourne Hot Sauce or buy a bottle locally from The Chilli Factory in Morisset.

A personal grooming experience – So you really can have that funky haircut, a 19th century traditional barber shave experience or a beard sculpt.

Books – Any book listed on the website 100 Books Every Man Should Read (except for those read obviously). If your loved one asks why on earth you got them a book, point them to this website and make it a challenge that they read them all. Most of these books on this list can be found in your local bookstore or online.

Chocolate (of course) – Something special selected from Darryl Lea, Coco Monde or King Street Confectionary.

Team merchandising – something to match (or replace) some merchandising from a favourite sports team like a team jersey, t-shirt or cap.

Something to savour when the kids are asleep – A six-pack of craft collection beers or alternatively, a bottle of a favourite wine or spirit like a single malt whiskey.

Socks and undies – once every couple of years. No ties thanks.

A ‘revisiting childhood’ gift  – A kite, a plastic boomerang or a model glider. Can be fun for the whole family if you get more than one!

I checked with some other dads and this is what they mentioned that they wanted for Father’s Day.

Ryan “On Father’s Day, I really enjoy going out for a barbecue with the family. I’m not overly concerned with receiving any gifts, although I do enjoy getting presents from my son that he buys from the Father’s Day stall at school.  Having just one day of the year dedicated to celebrating either mums or dads I think is really nice thing to do.”

Darren “I want a relaxed day hanging out with my kids playing Fortnite and other video games.”

Greig “For Father’s Day, my personal preference is no gifts. Cards are okay but I don’t mind if I don’t get one. It is more about marking the day by doing something with the kids. Get outside with a picnic or a barbecue, riding bikes or a bush walk. Happy to do a cafe visit but if we are to do that to mark the occasion, we tend to do it on the Saturday to avoid the special menus or the crowds.”

Lee “I just want to sleep in past 6am.”

Will “No gifts. I don’t want anything for Father’s Day – just the company of my wife and kids and maybe breakfast in bed.”

Ben “Tickets to the Knights vs Titans game the day before.”

Joe “I love the gifts from the Father’s Day stall at school.”

Sean “I would like a breakfast out at a good cafe then have a crack at the go-kart track with the kids and watch that unfold. In late afternoon, enjoy a mezze plate and wine and get ready for the next day.”

Jag “I love my kids but as the dad of noisy 2 & 4 year olds, peace and quiet are what I want for Father’s Day. I also like getting handmade presents from daycare.”

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