The Quokkas: Local Talent Presents a Kids Concert at The Cambridge

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Have you heard about The Quokkas? You may have seen one of their performances at the Lake Mac Carols or at Maitland Levee. This local band will be playing their first ticketed kids concert at The Cambridge Hotel on Sunday 1 May 2022 and you’re invited along with your kids. Their music is aimed at the 2 – 6 age-year-old crowd.

The Quokkas is a musical mash-up unlike any other. They formed to make music to expose Aussie children to a diversity of voices and promote a message of inclusivity. 

The band is comprised of a vision-impaired Australia’s Got Talent grand finalist, former Adelaide Crows footballer, a Dutch music therapist, a reality TV star, and the niece of Australian music royalty (Christine Anu).

The Quokkas Kids Concert

This five-piece band of professional musicians, made up of different cultural backgrounds and physical abilities, are focused on helping the next generation of Aussie children explore the world. Their songs break barriers. A keyboard player with a vision impairment tells the story – every child can achieve their dream.

According to one Quokka, former AFL player, and dad of twins, Nick Gill, The Quokkas were created “after looking at the events of 2020, we realised that we weren’t doing enough to raise our kids to embrace and normalise different cultures, and differently-abled people”.

With songs like “Everybody’s Welcome”, “I Like You Just The Way You Are”, “Celebrate (that you’re one of a kind)” and “Different Families” children can sing, laugh, dance, and be a part of a positive force for our world. But they also have tracks like “Banana”, which is all about – you guessed it – a banana. Their mission is to “Make Music That Makes A Better Future!”

Since starting just over a year ago, the group has released 24 tracks, amassed over a million views on their videos, and 500,000 streams across platforms, while having played many gigs around The Hunter. They’ve also been featured in multiple publications, been interviewed on national radio shows, and featured on podcasts. 

You can catch The Quokkas in concert at The Cambridge on Sunday 1 May at 10:15am. The high energy five-piece will dance and play all of your Quokkas favourites and kids’ classics, while your little ones can sing along and have a boogie too. Tickets cost $10 for General Admission. A Family Pass is $35 for 2 adults and 2 kids. Kids under are free. You can purchase tickets to The Quokkas via OzTickets.

The Quokkas have also released their five-track EP Everybody’s Welcome featuring songs: “Be Kind” “Celebrate (that you’re one of a kind)”, “That’s Wrong”, “The Can You Do It Song” and “Banana”. You can find order the EP on iTunes.

The Quokkas EP

Follow The Quokkas on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Want to know more about the band members?


Nick is an ex-AFL footballer (Adelaide Crows). Radio host. Dad of four-year-old twins who wanted to create this band after looking at the state of society in 2020 and realising that we weren’t doing enough to raise our kids to embrace and normalise different cultures, and differently-abled people. His twins get writing credits on all the songs as they help him come up with the ideas.


Matt made the grand final of Australia’s Got Talent with his guide dog and is an incredible producer and musician as well. His current guide dog, Indy, is also an honorary member of the group. Matt produces nearly all the songs and has one of the best senses of arrangement you’re likely to encounter. 


Komiti is a talented singer in his own right. A Samoan doing it for his nieces and nephews to show them that people of colour can be represented in Australian kids’ bands. Featured on All Together Now, Komiti has a string of fans for his own solo work, including releases “This Is My Time” and “Feels”. 


Pam is Christine Anu’s niece and an Indigenous Aussie passionate about the project. She has worked extensively in musical theatre in and around Newcastle and loves it when she can take on a character. 


Stef is a Dutch music therapist who is keen to try and write and perform songs that help kids of all abilities. Her passion with music runs in her family and the way she uses music to help people was happening long before The Quokkas came along.

Feature image credit: Newcastle Weekly

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